Ford F100 Restomod in 1956.


Location: La Vergne, Tennessee, 37086.
Inventory number: 0882-nsh.
VIN# : F10D6R25447.
: 143604
Transmission: Auto
Status: good
Appearance: Mint Green
Interior: brown
Description of seller:
The best of both worlds. Vintage classic, only one year, 1956 body style. The best modern gear is available on the ’99 Explorer 4WD chassis and drive. It can’t be better than that.
This is a steel body that has been professionally refurbished and adapted to the modern chassis. So, it’s more unique than the rare ’56s, ‘which is a very unique hand-made mod that you didn’t even notice. This was the last year of a separate front fender, and they were modified to fit extra large wheels and tires. Looks like a factory, doesn’t it? After all the models and the best craftsmen in the business prepare, the beautiful mint green paint is applied and polished to a perfect finish. The grill is a gorgeous chrome plated sculpture with a V8 badge in the middle. Below it is a simple chrome bumper, on top of which is a ford logo on the hood. On one side of the hood is an f-100 ford badge and a 4X4 badge in the corner.

Open the door and you’ll find a simple room with more mint green. It seems simple to do so. It’s more complicated than what we saw at the beginning. The first tip you get is chrome plated doorknob and a faux ostrich leather handrail at the back of the window crank. The modern steering wheel is a bit of an accident, but it looks really good there. Behind it is a dash group that looks familiar with its modern speed, engine instrumentation and automatic shift indicator. But where are all the other controls? How about the radio? Then sit down on the comfortable ostrich bench and open the ashtray. You will find a JVC head unit and a microphone. Go further, in the glove box, you’ll find A bluetooth compatible radio and Vintage Air, heat and A/C control. A smooth, seemingly simple modern interior decoration.
Chassis and transmission are both Explorer. Pop that classic convertible, you’ll find a fuel injection with a 4.0-liter V6 breath coming through the cold air. All modern systems are like power steering systems, and there is A snake-belt driven A/C compressor and an anti-lock braking system that can be used in all four wheel drive discs. The power from V6 is returned to the back bridge mounted on the plate spring and the front axle supported by the torsion bar spring with the anti-tilt rod through the 4-speed automatic transmission and the splitter box. Using the new control arm, ball socket joint liner and bearing, the front end is completely refurbished during construction. The mickey Thompson wheel mounts 31X10.50R15 BFGoodrich all terrain tires for your 4-wd pleasure.
The best of both worlds. Come on, check it out and see if you like the truck in your world.


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