McLaren: the start of the 2018 season is definitely more difficult than expected.


Despite being number three on the driver’s table, McLaren admits the start of the 2018 season is more difficult than expected.
This year, the team ended three years of bad partnership with Honda and switched to Renault. However, the British team encountered reliability problems in the test.
At the unveiling in Australia, McLenka was caught up in a fierce mid-game fight and then slipped down in bahrain. This shocked the team’s head of events, Eric briyer.
Fernando alonso and stov van dorn have finished double in both matches, but brier told that the start of the year has been more difficult than expected.
“We have a good pace, which helps us recover. But we also benefit from the game. “He said.
“We got the points we had to take, and we did a great job to solve the reliability problem. So our guys are doing a great job at the factory.”
“Now we need to arrange everything on Saturday and Sunday.”
Red bull and haas have lost the chance to get points for the accident, which is one reason why McLaren’s performance has improved.
“I should be happy with the results,” he said, adding that he was a bit “funny” in the third place.
But after the game, he said he was unhappy with the team’s poor performance in bahrain for the second consecutive year. It is also the home game of the bahraini sovereign wealth fund, which is the largest shareholder in the group.
“We just misjudged the adjustment of the weekend,” he said. “it was a mistake we made and we don’t want to repeat it.”
“We need to do what we think we should be able to do, not too many of these mistakes.”
After the Australian grand prix, alonso claimed that McLaren might be able to “ignore” the group and turn to red bull. But the spaniards also acknowledged in bahrain that this was nonsense before MCL33’s key development.

“The cars we drive on the track are different from what we developed in the factory.” “Alonso said.
“That car is repairing all our weaknesses. So we need to launch that car as soon as possible.”
Brier also insisted that he had 100 percent confidence in McLaren’s technical team and explained that part of the problem in bahrain was that the tires were overused and the car was under too much pressure.
The reliability issues that appeared before the season forced McLaren to change the timetable. “That’s why we have a lot of potential, and why I think fernando is positive for the upgrade and for the next few games,” he added. I hope this is enough to sweep the middle group.”
And McLane’s longtime partner, Honda, has made the best performance since returning to formula one after being paired with the red bull, which is better than any of the past three ageing Karen Honda.
“We always say, we hope everything goes well with Honda. They have a nice car in bahrain. “They made no mistakes and came in fourth, which is very good,” said brier. Well done!


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