Is the era of the high-performance Nismo version of nissan making its all-electric blades finally coming?


Nissan released its second all-electric Leaf, the all-electric Leaf, earlier this month with a yield of 147 horsepower and 236 pounds. Torque, and 150 miles of estimate. All of this is fine, but suddenly we are interested in the upcoming high-performance Nismo version.
At an event in Europe yesterday, nissan confirmed it would introduce a Leaf Nismo concept car at the Tokyo motor show later this month. According to Autocar, the car is designed to preview the final design that will be put into production.
Today, nissan released official information and pictures of the car, giving us an idea of what we will see on October 25.
Compared with the ordinary Leaf, Nismo concept car has a more aggressive red accent front bumper, side skirts, red part of the black hood, black roof, central fog lamps and different wheel in the back. According to nissan, all these visual upgrades improve aerodynamic performance without increasing drag. In addition to a small amount of red decoration, its interior is almost constant with the regular Leaf.
Nissan also said the car has a sports tuning suspension system, a high performance tyre and a custom computer that can achieve “all speed acceleration”. What this means for battery capacity or capacity, we have to wait until later this month in Tokyo.
Toyota is accelerating the development of luxury cars in its domestic market, with the second generation launching its third generation in just 21 years. The new car is longer and more spacious, but it is quieter because of the new motor base and hybrid V8 instead of the majestic V12.
Although the power transmission system seems to be from lexus LS600h, but the fans like us may regret, because now the tape player has disappeared, because it has been replaced by CD/SD/USB device, modern 20 senior speakers sound system.

Toyota is sure to expand the doors opening, which will only increase the 10-foot wheelbase and the luxury experience of the raised ceiling. They also adjusted the Angle of the C column to cause your attention to the rear. Where the residents can enjoy the benefits of 100% wool indoor decoration, no step, adjustable power legs, adjustable rear seats with massage function, and is located in the central arm multi-function LCD panel.
Other options include a desk with reading lights and a backseat entertainment system with a large screen. We will only use the screen to achieve the purpose of the dragon ball Z, and it will be very quiet thanks to the century’s “three-dimensional lens of the rear combination light emitting harmonious light”.
To ensure that there is nothing in the world can disturb a century of consumers, 5.0 -liter 2 ur – FSE V8 engine with Toyota’s second generation of hybrid drive, and active noise control, super soft suspension Settings, and reduce the noise and vibration of the new engine mounts. There is even a two-stage motor speed reduction device to ensure a quiet and smooth journey.
There is no doubt that the power figures remain a secret, but with The Times, Toyota has avoided support, blind spot monitoring and rear intersections as part of a security suite. Because people are important people.
Do you know that the right of the century is completely legally imported to Europe and works perfectly in the UK, while continental europeans can get their drivers to deal with it? There is no doubt that they can deal with it.


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