In 1964 Plymouth sports anger was sold.


Wow, this Hemi has a story! It has a Keith Black 426, used by the candice & hughes masters. Recently rebuilt and restored to a high-performance streetcar. There are all kinds of high-end upgrades – brake, anti – type and chassis. There’s a lot to read here, but this car has a lot to offer.
Engine room: build a street beast. I spoke with the engine manufacturer Tesar Engineering and they sent me a very friendly test chart. Its rated power is 772 horsepower and 637 pounds of torque! K Black and Candies Hughes are printed on the motor, and Tesar explains that this is an interesting history. This is the Keith Black engine, which was played on the day by the Candies and Hughes team. Tesar Engineering was established in 1966 to produce high-performance motors. They use cutting-edge technology and have unparalleled experience. They started building the engine as a bad ass, but it was still a streetcar. It is now 434 cubic inches, with Aries pistons, compo cams, APR bolts, litefield 8, 71 blower, double custom Holley carb and custom headers.
The custom fuel system has a woven hose that goes all the way to the tank, regulator, custom pump and filter. Custom fuel cells are resettled into the trunk. MSD ignition with supercharged delay. Aluminum radiator, shield, pump and overflow. Electric propeller fan and motor mounted fan to keep cool. Super customized aluminum oil pan and external oil cooler.
Of course, the motor is the core that everyone wants to see. So it’s completely dressed up. The engine room is painted white with a smooth firewall and a tubular support rod to prevent distortion.
Reverse side: front is full upgrade with tubular suspension, with the chromoly tube K member, coil in impact and fat swing bar. With power rack and gear steering system. A CalTrac tubular control arm is followed by a new type of single – sheet spring and an adjustable gas shock. The customized Spicer 8 3/4 rear end adopts the Richmond 3.91 positioning gear. It is connected to a tubular connector.
A TIC converter, a manual valve body and a deep aluminum pan of Trans Specials, built 727 TorqueFlite Trans.
It has a fat Flowmaster exhaust pipe that passes through a cross pipe. All four corners have Wilwood disc brakes with holes and grooved rotors.
Below it is a strong stone. Flooring, rock, and low grade 1/4 are super clean metal.
Appearance: super clean, dry body. Factory spot welding can be seen even on the lips of 1/4 panel. Completely repaint the smooth surface. Chromium plating and trimming are restored by Calco plating. New windshield. The blower neatly cut the fiberglass cover with a pin.

All four corners of the new Cragar wheel. Front row 7×15, neatly clipped to 10×15 in the rear wheel well. Mickey Thompson tires.
Internal: completely redone. Legend interior decoration, new cushion, door panel, ceiling, sun visor, carpet, embroidered pad, etc. The professional installation provides a variety of improvements – security, increased rigidity, better handling, it looks cool! There are still plenty of backseats. The original console contains the billet gearbox and the monster tachometer. The Pro Comp meter is neatly mounted on the dashboard. There is also good leather for the steering wheel. The battery is resettled on the square billet and the billet is pressed. There is a battery cut off switch.
Conclusion: a muscle car was built from an extra clean, rustless car. The investment exceeds us $100,000. The motor is worth more than half of the sale price. First-class upgrades make it an excellent driver. The cool factor is not in the chart!
Double all-wheel-drive
Power steering
Rack and pinion.
4 wheels
Custom suspension
Bucket seat
The console
Cragar rims
The roll cage
Car seat belts.
Leather wheel
Pro meter
Monster tachometer
Price: $59,998.


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