The interior decoration of jeep horse is fully revealed!


What it is: the wrangler is synonymous with the jeep, as the steinbrenner family is like the New York yankees. While it’s no secret that the new wrangler will replace the current truck 10 years before the end of the year, these spy pictures mark the first time we’ve seen the inside of the next generation of jeep wranglers.
Why it matters: the herdsmen are the heart and soul of the jeep brand, which sets the tone for the entire jeep lineup. While no one can criticize the current horseman’s off-road seal, many people, including us, have commented on the low tech interior of the rig. Such interiors help simplify operations while out, but modern facilities are still popular with daily commutes. We can’t comment on the upcoming interior quality, but these spy shots show that the technology of the wrangler will increase dramatically.
The owners of the herd are no longer forced to pecking at random on the small, slow-moving info-entertainment touch screen, the best of today’s high-end herdsmen. As it appears to be top of mules can see, 2018 jeep wrangler will use the latest fiat, Chrysler operating system, the system in the form of Uconnect 3.0 provides easy operation and quick response system. Although our spy photographers have no close enough to the measurement screen, but we think that the most high-end equipment size and other FCA products will reach 8.4 inches (lower-end 2018 Wranglers is expected to run a smaller but still intuitive and fast 5.0 -inch touch screen Settings).
These cameras also allow us to see many other buttons on the central stack of the new horseman. Under the screen is a truck’s automatic climate control device and a pair of large rubber knob for audio system volume and tuning function. It is worth noting that the mule is also equipped with auxiliary sensors used for parking, engine stop/start function and heated steering wheel button, the last is likely to be popular with the residents of the snow cover.

The low-layer window switch is located in the traditional position, used to assemble the Windows of the herder; This essentially confirms that the shepherd’s keeper continues to be disassembled. There is a 12-volt charging port around the switch and a “media” door that may hide one or more USB ports and SD card slots. Finally, below is a rollover disconnect button, which looks like a differential lock button and a mysterious joystick switch (possibly used in all kinds of off-road mode?). Four auxiliary button, and a set of general meaning is 2018 Wrangler buyers can undertake wires in the accessories, such as additional external lighting, winch and other cross-country preparation items, without having to drill into the dashboard to install the switch.
Although have adopted new technologies, horsemen of old-school atmosphere of not to abandon the current models, because of the wide, flat panel with the same circular vents, front-seat passengers with easy operation panel installation again grab handle, the driver was met by the three radial steering of style restoring ancient ways.
Platform: due to the increased use of aluminum, although it is expected to be lighter than its predecessor, the chassis of the horse will not deviate from the traditional formula of the truck. The body frame structure and the solid axle at both ends have two doors and four doors, and the pickup version is also available.
Powertrain: like the interior, the new herding drive system will combine the charm of the old world with the technology of the new age. Although electric horsemen of FCA said diesel and petrol is coming, but they will arrive at a later date, because the jeep under the hood will launch the horsemen of the 3.6 -liter Pentastar V – 6 new models. The power is expected to be transmitted to the wheel by an eight-speed automatic transmission or a six-speed manual transmission. The four-wheel drive system with a manual transmission is determined. In addition, we expect the new herders to get a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The expected addition of the four-cylinder engine will play a role in the race for the horse’s fuel economy, until diesel and hybrid drivetrains arrive a few years later.


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