The 2019 Ram 1500 V8 First Drive Review | new pickup has more.

2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn Sport

In scottsdale, ariz., there are a lot of things to do: inside, outside, behind and under the hood. The new engine option – two features of the 48-volt eTorque auxiliary device for extra grunts – and a lot of posturing heavy decoration. But for the first time we experience ’19 Ram’ experience is to focus on the truck as a whole – to take a step back, a drag on the desert air deeply, and all of its infiltration. Ram is an incredibly competitive market segment in standing. More importantly, it’s a very comfortable truck, and that’s what it needs.
Remember that Ram gave up the steel spring for coil springs 10 years ago and considered smooth sliding over cost. That doesn’t make it less truckload, because the capacity has increased. The same is true: the geometry of the suspension is more finely adjusted to better control the speed of the suburb of phoenix and the desert scrubby the sentry guard. So you don’t think this means that 1500 has given up anything from his predecessor, and the correct equipment ’19 can drag 12,700 pounds. Yes, 1500… It’s not a biaxial, it’s a heavier 3,500 or something. The maximum payload is also up to 2,320 pounds – although the rating applies only to 3.6l 4×2 and 3.55.
There’s a tradeoff, right? Maybe ramin’s inside to lighten the weight. No – Quad and Crew are bigger. In spite of this, the growth of the crew more, additional 4 inches of extra wheelbase into the front seat at the back of the huge space – there are 45.2 inches of legroom, increased by about 5 inches than before.
This critical assessment of the Ram process, looking for some worse or worse leads, is just a hole. The only area of the 1,500 is likely to show a weak price – usually it is more expensive, a few hundred dollars, although some of it is offset by favorable packaging or extra content. Of course, as the complexity increases, there may be higher operating costs on the road – we can’t assess them until these trucks have been on the road for years.
Back to the present: we conclude that Ram is only investing in multiple areas of the truck. Part of the cost is passed on to the buyer, but not as much as you might think. Pay more and get more from beancounter.
It extends to all within the scope of the Ram, but in our trip to Arizona, only three important versions are available, and have the same power systems: 5.7 -liter V8 no eTorque 48 v electric power system, suitable for 395 horsepower and 410 lb-ft of torque, and eight speed automatic transmission provided by the government to provide support – this is a continuation of the last generation product. There is no eTorques available, period. We drove a large four-wheel drive car with a sports look kit, a rebel suv, and spent a bit of time around a limited 4×4 probe. We’ve been able to explain the basic ’19 Ram 1500 ‘with the familiar Hemi V8 as a whole, and we’ll be pushing the eTorque engine as soon as possible.
While the eTorque trucks will be the most efficient, the unrecharged V8 Ram still has a lot of aerodynamics and fuel economy characteristics, once it is considered in full size. For example, ‘191500 is an active front air dam on any vehicle, and no off-road packaging can be reduced by 2.5 inches, without the need for a black plastic jaw spotter. It even has a system that USES the engine coolant to preheat the differential to reduce the friction loss caused by the viscous cold gear oil. The design and implementation of these things are not cheap and will not yield spectacular returns alone. But there is no simple fix at this point, and if you don’t put everything aside, your fleet’s fuel economy and emissions will fall on average.

As a result, the 1500-0.357 resistance coefficient, which measures how easily it passes through the air, is not surprising – and slightly improved for the manufacturers of the previous generation of trucks (0.36). To give you a sense of where it fits in the extreme, a smaller version of the nissan Leaf in 2018 is 0.28, and the current full-size truck competitor is around 0.40.
Aviation improvements can be achieved without having to make Ram smaller. It still has a bluff, vertical front end. The traditional Ram cross grid is missing, breaking through in the past, and new grille hiding the Venetian blinds to help reduce drag. The old “big drill” still looks like it’s still on the hood, and it’s in the headlights, which is an iconic element of Ram’s cleverness, but it’s not as prominent as it used to be. Grille, a truly impressive fish maw, according to the decoration has several horizontal bar processing, all of the attention was focused on “RAM” logo – rather than RAM ‘s head shield, spelling in other light decoration on the tail gate.
The shape is subjective, but smaller and more like the headlight of the car makes me feel the overall design softer. New 1500 is not full size truck tricks – long wedge is studded with except bullwhip you can imagine all of the western language – but look, especially in the form of a limited, than the previous generation of Power Wagon Chrysler 300 more. The tail light is also the same, with a wavy (~) incision, amber to signal through these incisions to peep. It is soft rather than dramatic. Maybe it expands the appeal of the truck. If you want a pure truck attack, there will always be Rebel cars with a mustache (ram’s description, not ours, somehow), but the outgoing truck is more handsome for me.
In the interior, the attitude varies from decoration to ornament, and there is no artisan or long horn. The low specification of the large horn can be seen and touched in the appropriate materials and patterns, as well as the more rigid parts in corners and crevices. The overall effect is better than the jeep grand Cherokee for the truck buyers who don’t want to compromise. Continue to close to the corner and crack – in addition to a large amount of storage space, the truck nothing can hide – in the middle of the reconfigurable console is probably the best 39 litres, a total of 151 liters to consider all hidden bins and pockets. There are three types of Uconnect information entertainment options available, including a basic 5-inch device, a mid-range 8.4 inch and a 12-inch portrait touch screen (Laramie is optional, part of a high decoration device). We found that 8.4 was usually competent, while the 12-inch screen was impressive, but almost unbelievable. It’s hard to ignore – it’s cool, but 8.4 is good.
You can take a long time to climb over the entire 1500 years, carefully check each door and cover (the new shock absorber is made of aluminum and can be operated remotely), but it’s time to drive.


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