The 12-hour GTLM title proves the elusive ford GT.


Sebryn, fla. – the GTLM champion who looks like a 12-hour race in the race is finally in the grip of ford Chip Ganassi Racing, but that victory will still be the target of another year. This is not for lack of trying.
Team held earlier in the week after four game to lead in the three games, the 67 team leading the team, and with three minutes remaining 45 minutes remaining, ford GT headlights for a short period of time, leading to the team is suspended to check out. Driver westbrook, Richard Ryan Bristol and Scott Dixon, led the team refused to give up, and at the end of the game into the podium again, and in the rear to driving a car hard Briscoe.
No. 67 finished fourth, winning the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar championship.
“It was a long and difficult game,” briscoe said. “I think as the race goes on, our car gets better and better, which is good, because the track starts out very hard. I think we were really competitive at the end of the day, and unfortunately, at the end of rick’s season, we lost track of our tracks. I think it really threw us away. We can’t get back there. At last we recovered several cars. I think we’ll move on after fourth place. ”
Westbrook started at P4.
“We have a great car and in the last few hours. It’s really just a strange thing, “westbrook said. “The headlights went short and there was smoke in the cockpit. I heard something in the engine. I immediately thought there was a problem with electricity, but eventually it became the power problem we solved in the next station. We have lost the time to deal with this problem, which makes us feel sorry, because we are in such a good state. ”
No. 66 faces different challenges, at least for the first time.
After four and a half hours in the game, 66 was damaged after the second round of the game was restarted. A car stalled in front of driver dirk Muller, triggering a chain reaction between him and the ford GT he Shared with Joey Hand and SebastienBourdais. Although the convoy was forced to send 66 to the wall to repair the damage, the car rejoined the game 10 times after the race. It eventually retired an hour later.
“We have started the game and things are going well,” muller said. “The car feels good, I think it feels good to start over, but a lot of the cars have to be checked right away, and what happens next is going to happen in these circumstances. We were hit from behind and our game was destroyed. We kicked in the back and hurt so much that we brought us behind the wall. I know it’s not intentional, but let’s disappoint 10 laps, you can’t recover from it. ”

Start with the p5.
The third round of the game will be held on April 14 at the long beach grand prix in California.
Florida plug brin ford Chip Ganassi Racing will be ranked in the second and the third row on Saturday two consecutive GTLM championship, after that In the sebring at the 66th annual international track sebring 12 hours in qualify p4-5 qualifying.
The team is optimistic about their chances after a three-point lead in four practice sessions on Thursday and Friday morning. However, they still can’t get enough in qualifying for the rest of space velocity, and Richard westbrook and joey hurd together behind the p4 (67th) and 5 (66).
“It feels like we control the speed in practice,” westbrook said. “We had a nice car, but then the qualifying rounds came… We have some time to find it, that’s for sure. It will be a long and difficult game for us to see the current rhythm. We have a great team and a great car from Ford Performance. Everyone at ford Chip Ganassi Racing… We show in daytona that we know how to play, so tomorrow we’re going to hand over everything. ”
The ford Chip Ganassi racing team won the first two games of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar tournament in January after winning the title of the GTLM team in Daytona, and won the Daytona rolex 24. The race is the last historic game that the ford GT has yet to win.
Chip Ganassi is the only one in history to win the Indianapolis 500, daytona 500, Brickyard 400, the rolex daytona 24, 12 hours of sebring and le mans 24 hours endurance race champion team boss.
Last year, 66 finished second in the team after the match.
“Obviously, this is not what we wanted in qualifying today, but it’s the way it is sometimes,” Mr. Dekmuller said. “We were very fast this weekend, but today everyone is showing their hands and setting some lap times for qualifying. We have some work to do, but it’s a 12-hour game, and you have to be in sebrine on Saturday night to get to the finish line. We have a good ford GT, hoping to compete in the front. ”
Muller and Hand will be working with SebastienBourdais, no. 66 ford GT, after the opening of the INDYCAR season in st. Petersburg, Florida, over the weekend. Westbrook will be driving the 67 ford GT with Ryan briscoe and the INDYCAR regular driver Scott Dixon.


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