Autoweek: should we issue certificates to expert drivers?


We all know bad drivers. We saw them on the road, we went to work with them, and we saw their cars crashing along the highway. But you, our clever, warm-hearted readers, are not bad drivers. That is why I put forward an expert driver training course, let you, a veteran driver and maintain good records of equipment and clean up and down at the age of ten, a big “X” bumper sticker for you, will give you doubt interests when not to undermine, but bending the rules of the road.
Think about it. Maybe once a year, maybe you into a place every six months, I hope it’s not the DMV, and accept the new pilot test, including written and road test, the new vision and hearing tests, and make sure you check your car mechanic lamp, tyres, braking and suspension in normal working condition.
Let’s break it down. Check with Joe’s expert driver service station and check for rubber inflation and tread life. If the tyre is less than 6 psi, the driver will experience the loss of steering accuracy and turning stability. A broken air suspension, a sloppiness, no headlights, these could be worse. So, Ol’Joe will also check the brakes, the suspension, the steering and the flash. You can’t rely on the ’80s drum brakes to match the green light of the slasher pontiac Sunbird.
From there, you will drive to the Bill’s expert driving certificate courses, to ensure that you still have the double lane change the conditions, and there will be no serious out of control and emergency stop occurs in the carriage, and under the condition of wet and dry control and understeer. Finally, you may have to go to the DMV (sorry) to have your eyes, listening and reaction time checked. Then you get your “X”.
Expert drivers can even install cameras on their cars or release insurance companies like the black boxes of the OBDII port. It’s not always transmitted, but if you do have an accident, you can prove your innocence or revoke your expert authority.
Of course, the cost will be given to you, expert driver. This act can be passed through your registration every year. I said, you have to pay a small fee. But with the “X” on the bumper, there is more room for maneuver when speeding. You can exceed 20%, not 10%. You can turn left red when you know it, without turning left. Maybe you, the expert, will be represented, so if you have to pass the person on the right side of the track, he will get a ticket, not you. Experts will report other idiotic drivers on the road. Once the unskilled driver gets three or five phone calls to them, they’re all reviewing the process, at cost.

You also have to have a cell phone component. With the expert “X”, you’ll get an app that turns off your phone while you’re driving, and proves you’ll notice. It USES proximity/speed sensors installed in the car to know when the phone is off and the car is moving. It’s all possible. People pay very little, and they don’t get away with it, but like a champion, every day, every day. Just like you and GAL are doing now, but the risk is small.
Maybe I’m crazy, maybe this is just a fever dream, in 400 horsepower, all-wheel drive infiniti Q60 red sports section, after a particularly painful thing happened, I thought of this dream. But maybe, just maybe it works. For now, the terrible licensed drivers in driving three little bald tires and break shock when talking on cell phones, and professional vehicles licensed driver to drive the perfect job, they will actually pay attention to the same rules. We currently have a driving licence. New drivers are limited and experienced veterinarians should be exempt. These are the questions we should be talking about. Politics should be cursed.
Appendix: I hear from my fellow countrymen here that this may sound like I want a driver’s license like a jerk. I would say that. I’ve never been a jerk. I drive fast, I pass quickly, but never unsafe. I think driving is like an asshole, which means either to catch someone, or to frighten others on the road, or to drive dangerously. Expert drivers don’t do this. And to prove it, I think the expert drivers should maintain a higher safety standard, and if they can prove it to the jury, they will pay an additional fine. The extra benefit is equal to the extra responsibility. I’m fine.
What do you think?
American traffic tsar jack ringman, 2020.
The story “experts should pass” is just the idea of jack ringman, not Autoweek or Crain Communications Inc. We would never argue for breaking the law, any ticket, accident, driving a court appearance champion is yours, only you.


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