Formula one has to take a “structured approach” to overcome the problem, says Ross brown.


According to sports technology director Ross brown, the entire formula one movement must work together to increase the speed of overtaking.
The Australian grand prix this season has been poor in overtaking, with only a few passes after the first lap. Several key battles in the closing stages failed when the chasing driver was unable to get close enough. Daniel ricciardo could not capture and compete for third place with reknan, while fernando alonso placed fifth in the front end of a train.
Lewis Hamilton is another man who struggled after Sebastian vettel, who was unable to approach the ferrari driver in the final period of time.
After the game, Hamilton described the difficulty of passing the ball. “if my best friend is on the edge of a cliff, I can’t save his life today… This is the difficulty of the overtaking, I anyway, my everything, all of my ability, all of my ability, I can’t adapt to all of the tools of my life, I can’t close enough to enter battle.
“I caught him in the corner, but then he was faster on the straight and maybe the next game would be different.”
Predecessor, Mr Brown, chief executive of mercedes-benz in the free press in early 2017 to take over the F1 current roles, he agreed to watch the Australian grand prix fans were deprived of appropriate due to the nature of the modern car.
“An important factor is missing, that is overtaking, because there is very little movement in the first round,” he said. “What’s important is that the car gets close to each other and turns the wheels to the car.

“When the two cars, the speed of only a very small gap between pursuit is almost impossible to close enough to attack, we saw with Hamilton and vettel, Verstappen [Max] and [Kevin] Magnussen, as well as the Dutch and xabi alonso and ricardo and kimi raikkonen, think about how much we missed a turn round cutting! And, for the first time, we added a third DRS area to increase the chances of overtaking. ”
Brown to solve one of the main priorities is to make the F1 aerodynamics rules, which makes the car easier to follow each other, this is his tag as part of the “perfect world” formula, in which multiple team is competitive, and track racing more closely, more exciting. In order to better understand the effects of air dynamics on the car, he set up a research team – he said this process at the end of 2017 the exciting results – he wants to see the sport to solve one of the biggest problems.
“The problem is that we won’t make any progress unless we take an organized approach to the problem. We have with the FIA and one of the goals of the research is that with the team in 2021, we hope to have people who can make the driver on the track of the car, therefore, the FIA and F1 is a wind tunnel and CFD two kinds of models of aerodynamic research projects.
“We need to improve the car design to get close to the performance level we see now, but allow the wheels to move. Formula one fans want to see better performance, overtaking is the most exciting and you on the track is one of the most spectacular elements must try to meet this requirement, the entire F1 because fans is our greatest wealth. ”
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Boyer grew up in emporia, Kansas, 80 miles from Lawrence, a fan of Jayhawks. So, having won his first championship at Martin seville in October 2012, he naturally wanted to see his beloved Jayhawks in the last four games.


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