A complete guide to cleaning computers in spring.


If you want to keep your house clean, you need to clean it regularly. If you want your car to work well, you should provide services every year. If you want your computer to respond quickly, it needs its own maintenance – digital spring cleaning.
We are not just talking about erasing the keyboard, but also cleaning up the digital clutter that takes up space in the system, including applications and files that are no longer in use. Here’s how to start.
What harm does it do to keep unused applications on the computer? These programs take up valuable storage space and make the operating system work harder than needed. They force your computer to merge entries in the “start” menu, filter the Settings file and install updates to the program you are not actually using. In addition, every application on the system can be targeted by hackers or data mining companies, so the less you maintain, the better.
Take the time to determine the program you no longer need and uninstall it – if you change your mind, you can reinstall them at any time. On Windows, open the start menu, enter the Settings screen, and then click on the application and function after the system. You can sort the application by size or date to clear the unwanted application, or you can click the application to remove it. On the macOS, open the Launchpad, click and hold any application, and then click the delete button. Some programs may require you to start the unload utility. To do this, open the Finder, navigate to the application folder, and find the uninstall program. If not, then simply apply the entry from the application to the wastebasket.
When you filter the application, you will find something you want to keep. For this, download the update to make sure you are running the latest version.
This is an inevitable result of modern computing, when you use your equipment, junk files will be built: you create and forget project, operating systems or applications to create temporary file, and so on. You can’t stop this from happening, but you can keep it at your best by regularly clearing it.
Unless you really understand the Windows or MacOS approach, it’s a good idea to get help from a third-party program for this task. CCleaner (for Windows and MacOS) has long been one of the best free options in the department, and we also like CleanMyMac and System Mechanic (Windows), although the latter two are not free.

If you don’t want to rely on these programs, you can do some simple cleanup yourself. Sit down and spend an hour or so removing photos that you will never look back, or cleaning out old files and spreadsheets that are no longer relevant.
We spend a lot of time in the browser, and this is another area where we can get serious. The CCleaner does a good job of cleaning up the digital trash that browsers don’t really need, but each browser has its own options and you can use them.
In Chrome, go to Settings, then click to show advanced Settings, and then click to clear the browsing data to clear cache files, browse history, plug-in data, and so on. This should make your browser’s feet lighter. On Firefox, this option is located in the “preferences”, “advanced”, “network” and “cache” Web content. In the Microsoft Edge, you need to go to Settings and clear the browsing data. Finally, in Safari, open the application menu and select clear history.
When you hit and burn, check that you have files in your download folder that you have forgotten. Delete things that you don’t need to release more space.
Finally, removing unused browser extensions may have the same benefits as uninstalling an unused application. This will simplify your browser, reduce the need for your computer resources and keep you safe. Open the browser extension or plugin page to see if there are any additional components that you can’t use.
What is the point of being neat if no one else sees your computer but you? You may have the same attitude towards your house. So, as we have mentioned, this means that your operating system and application of time more easily, and when you’re looking for important documents, it can also save you time. In addition, if everything is in order, there are fewer opportunities for documents to be forgotten, and the hard drive can be used for other things.


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