Brown: F1 must try to solve the overtaking problem.


Mr Brown said the Australian grand prix lacked the “key element” of overtaking, arguing that the problem would be solved only if formula one took a structured approach to correct overtaking.
The season opener started in the first lap, with only five supercars completed. Red bull’s Max vestapan says he would rather turn off the TV than watch a game of no value.
Although Albert park has always been known for overtaking, it has created a third DRS area in order to enhance the round.
The head of the formula one race, Ross brown, admits that Australia missed out on a number of exciting confrontations because of the lack of overtaking.
“An important element is missing. It is overtaking. Because in the first game, there was little overtaking. “It’s crucial that the cars get close to each other,” he said.
“If there is only a small speed gap between the two cars, it is almost impossible for the pursuers to get close enough to launch an attack.”
“Yesterday, I saw the Hamilton (lewis) and vettel (Sebastian), vestas Penn and maag Knudsen (Kevin), and the Dutch and xabi alonso, and ricardo (Daniel) and kimi raikkonen (Jimmy).”
“Think about how many rounds we missed. And for the first time, we even set up a third DRS area to increase our chances of overtaking.
The existing rules for F1 are introduced in 2017. In the first year, it also had an impact on overtaking, resulting in a drop of almost 50 per cent.
Mr Brown has set up an independent panel of experts to better improve F1, including improved overtaking. He also says a structured approach is needed to improve overtaking on the track.
“We won’t make any progress until we take a structured approach to the problem.” Brown said.

“One of the goals we are working on with the international automobile federation and the motorcade is to have a car that will allow the drivers to have a real one-on-one race on the track by 2021.”
“For this reason, the fia and F1 are using wind tunnels and CFD to carry out an aerodynamic research programme with two racing models.”
“We need to improve the design of the car to get close to the performance level we see now, but allow the wheels to go against the wheels.”
Mr Brown also said that pleasing a car fan was a great motivator for overtaking.
“F1 fans want to see a better performance,” he says. And overtaking is the most exciting and spectacular element you can see on the track.
“The entire F1 community must work to meet this demand, because car fans are our greatest asset.”


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