The new three lines of modern espionage, a part of the suvs tsunami that is bigger than Santa fe, will be rolled out in 2019.


What it is: the modern unnamed three-row, eight-seat SUV is tested in the snow. The latest model, which will emerge from the carmaker’s SUV strategy, will be the largest SUV in the modern series, higher than the current three lines of Santa fe. Hyundai is going through a series of markets aimed at everything from Chevrolet Traverse and Ford Explorer to Honda Pilot and Volkswagen Atlas.
Why it matters: full-size suvs are in vogue and profit margins have soared, attracting all carmakers. Hyundai has been hampered by an over-reliance on cars, and forecasts still support suvs and suvs. Unless fuel prices rise sharply, we expect this trend to continue.
Platform: according to our source, the three row SUV will adopt the new front wheel drive platform, and the all-wheel drive will still be a choice. It is almost certain that it will rotate on the same bone used in the production version of the telluride concept, which is on display at the 2016 Detroit auto show.
Powertrain: the modern Lambda v-6 engine series is an obvious powertrain option with an eight-speed modern Powertech gearbox. Including di naturally aspirated 3.3 -liter V6 engine, this engine is the Santa fe in 2018 is 290 horsepower engine power, torque to 252 lb-ft, we wouldn’t be surprised to see two turbocharged 3.3 as an option, V – 6 (such as genesis model and kia bayonet seen in). At present, this twin turbocharged engine has a rated power of 365 horsepower and 376 pound-feet. Finally, the hybrid drivetrain, as shown in the concept of telluride, is a clear possibility.

Expected delivery time and price: we know that modern plan before the end of 2020 introduced a few new crossover, following a brief review of the next 12 to 18 months of debut schedule: this year has brought the kerner subcompact, Tucson, and in 2019 to redesign the Santa fe (to replace the current Santa fe movement). Hyundai motor tells us that the long wheelbase three lines of Santa Fe will continue to be used in 2019, but will last for a year with the Santa Fe XL name.
The Santa fe XL will be phased out by 2020, but buyers will be able to get a third row in the new Santa fe when ordering diesel engines. (kia has previously confirmed the arrival of the diesel Sorento in 2019, so modern diesel cars are not much of an extension.) Some at the same time – the timetable has not been confirmed – the larger three rows of cars snooping around will replace it on the modern SUV hierarchy. With the starting price of Santa fe hovering around $32,000, the basic recommendation for the new, larger three-line item should be about $5,000 more.


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