Look at all the concepts of the 7, 2018 Easter jeep Safari, from the super delicious Wagoneer restomod to the jeep’s g-wagen.


For 52 years Jeepers has been taking over the Easter jeep, Moab, Utah. The jeep doesn’t have a long term concept for Safari, but the launch of a new batch of modified trucks has become a tradition. The Jeep designers cut loose a chance, and let the Mopar show off you can tighten to you all the cool on the equipment accessories – and grandiose show concept is different, these things, at least in theory can be used in the real world.
With the launch of the new Wrangler JL this year, it is not surprising that a number of concepts in 2018 rely heavily on the brand’s iconic vehicles. Five of the seven trucks were based on wranglers. A lone traitor and a righteous Wagoneer killed the field.
We’ll start with the last one. Last year’s best performer was an elegant ZJ Grand Cherokee. On a snowflake wheel, this is a difficult act. So the jeep took out a full-sized gun and turned an old Wagoneer into a retro fantasy.
According to Jeep designer mark Allen, the so-called Wagoneer Roadtrip was inspired by “the perfect trip to Yellowstone in the 1960s”. The canvas was a 1965 Wagoneer, Craigslist acquisition. “it looks terrible, but it’s basically not rusty.”
So they burned the tanned interiors, stripped them to bare metal, smoothed down some of the body panels and greatly expanded the opening of the wheels. It is surprising that the mod does not jump out of the box, given how many subtle and subtle changes there are. Everything hangs together visually, even though it’s 33 inches of BF Goodrich mud, which is a good sign for restomod.
There are a lot of them down here. The inventory chassis is encased and strengthened and can now accommodate the front and rear parts of the Dana 44 axle and disc brakes. The spring has long since disappeared, replaced by coils. A new Hemi (paired with an older Mopar four-speed) fits neatly into the engine compartment. It USES a reverse wine red leather upholstery and a “razor” grille borrowed from a later version of Wagoneer. What the jeep calls the “green wine” delicious coat finishes the whole thing. Very good. We are getting creative.

What does it mean to have an Easter jeep without a few Easter eggs? In the trunk of the Wagoneer’s trunk, there is a custom-made kit made of a suitcase made of a cooler and a six-cylinder valve cover from the truck’s original 230 Tornado.
You can’t spend all your time reminiscing and enjoying yourself. Starting with a jeep sandstorm, the rest of the squad is more forward-looking. The jeep said it was an impromptu performance for the baha ‘i racer. We are not sure this extension, strengthen the Wrangler Unlimited whether already like Hammer King, aggressive, but this is a good start – and for Jeep, it is a new concept of front, traditionally it more about path and rock crawling desert running at a high speed.
As for the hardware: there are a large number of Dynatrac 60 axle, front wheels 14 inches and rear wheels 18 inches (17-inch tires are wrapped in a 39.5-inch BF Goodrich Krawler tire). This thing is actually four; There were two brave passengers in the back with two downsized buckets.
Oh, it gets a 392 crate motor backup six speed manual. “No one was using the manual, but they were really interesting,” Allen said. That’s the spirit!


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