First look at Honda Insight in 2019.


Although it has made the Toyota prius into the us market over the course of a year, Honda Insight is still the second biggest competitor in its competition. The first generation of Insight was launched in 2000 and did not win our hearts and minds entirely with two seats and a mandatory manual gearbox. (CVT automation began in 2001.) After several years of vacation, Insight returned in 2010 with five seats and a prius with thousands of dollars. Although it is more practical than the previous model, the Insight is powerful, low fuel consumption, more crowded back seats, and faster on the highway than the prius.
Looks like Honda learned a lesson from mistakes, and in the process, may be in 2019 New York auto show this week made its debut in 2019 new Honda Insight to create the perfect compact hybrid. A typical car profile replaces the design of the previous model prius’s aping hatchback, and the front end is more similar to the Accord. The interior design of Honda Insight is very similar to that of other manufacturers. It looks like the cross between the civic and the accord, and the inside of the Insight is for the familiar, not the prius’ look at me, I’m a hybrid! “The plastic mess in the dashboard. The third generation of Insight should also have one of the largest cabins in the class,
While the first two Insights were a hatchback, the new model had a trunk to make it look like a typical Honda. By placing the lithium-ion battery pack below the back seat, the cargo space is the same as the 15.1 cubic feet of storage space in the area. The location of the backpack also takes into account the collapsible backseat and large aperture to increase cargo capacity.
So it seems that the habitability problem of Insights has been solved in the past, but what about fuel efficiency and power defects? The new Insight is powered by a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine (paired with an electric generator set) that provides power to the battery pack and electric propulsion motor, driving the front wheels. The locking clutch will connect the engine to the drive axle to obtain additional pressurization during acceleration difficulties or high speed driving. The total system power is 151 horsepower, and the torque is 197 pound-feet, exceeding the price of the prius and the modern Ioniq Hybrid. In terms of fuel economy, Honda said the Insight was 55 miles per gallon in city driving, comparable to the two cars.

Improvements in packaging and powertrain make up for the Insight that has been made before, and many new security and entertainment features make this iteration more passenger friendly than ever. LX in terms of safety, even if the base is equipped with a rear view camera and Honda Sensing driving auxiliary suite, including lane departure warning and mitigation, adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning and emergency brake automatically. The mid-end EX and top modified Touring also includes a rear camera on the passenger side to eliminate blind spots, although we have found that it is not as effective as a sensor based blind spot monitor. EX and Touring also have an 8-inch touch screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Touring model further increases 4G LTE wi-fi hotspot.
All in all, in 2019 Honda’s Insight is better than previous Insights in terms of power, cabin size and fuel efficiency, and is more competitive with similar models. Expect it to arrive at the dealership later this year.


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