Bentley Bentayga V8 First Drive reviews |’s loss of gas cylinders, but nothing else.


There’s no such thing as a cheap bentley. Although the new Bentayga V8 in 2019 is $30,000 less than its w12-powered equivalents, the $165,000 car window sticker of the twin turbo V8 can still be well on the upper deck of expensive luxury cars. Bentley is reluctant to compare Bentayga’s two versions – which parents want siblings to attack each other? – but it does use the V8 version as a full diamond, flashy and attractive alternative to W12. Let’s take a look at this reasoning.
The Bentayga V8 is a 4.0 liter turbocharged engine that shares most of the parts turbine with the latest porsche Panamera and Cayenne. The engine specifically for the new applications have been adjusted, has a unique sound characteristics and cooling package, Bentley said, even in the face of the world’s largest desert sand dune, it also can maintain a comfortable operation. V8’s 568 pounds-foot torque peak is below 2000 RPM, and remains there until 4500, with a peak power of 542,600.
The Bentayga V8 engine feels much higher from the rear of the wheel than the effortless W12. In addition to the instantaneous torque, there is a strong dynamic impact until it is close to 7,000 RPM, which is the maximum speed limit for any engine that the brand has ever installed on a passenger car. If this cutting-edge engine looks inconsistent with the luxury SUV’s intentions, it will be enough to know that the driver decides to push the red bottom Louboutin into the plush carpet. This is a little less than the phone number of W12, but not enough difference to really matter.
V8 is 60 points less than W12, 4.4 seconds less than W12, and for 4.1, and the maximum speed of 180 miles per hour, at the top speed, it is also 7 miles per hour. So, that doesn’t really support the idea of movement. V8 doesn’t work like W12 either. There was only about a hundred pounds between the two cars, and the new V8 weighed 5,264 pounds. Since only half of the weight savings were concentrated on the front axle, Bentayga’s driving or steering sense did not change substantially.
This is not to say that Bentley BentaygaV8’s driving is bad, it is less driven than its more powerful, more expensive siblings. On the one hand, it’s a good thing – the driving dynamics of W12 is excellent – but on the other hand, we’d be happy to tell you that the V8 version feels lighter. In any case, all the inherent features of the bentley’s high-tech electronic chassis control system mean that V8 is as good as the W12 on the road, or not affected during driving. Or you can see snow and ice in video below. After the ice driving demonstration, continue to focus on the internal and external features of the latest bentley SUV.
The bentley’s 48-volt electronic defense tilting system is optional on V8 (this is the standard configuration for W12) and is a recommended supplement. The electric motor responded immediately and quits the Bentayga tilt with an instant torque of about 740 pounds – feet. Given the need for these forces, it is necessary to consider the need for these forces, given the 2.6 ton of suvs pitching and 21 inches or 22 inches of wheels and tires. Even with the high-tech anti-tipping device, there are still a lot of squats and dives under difficult acceleration and braking, although the turn load is well managed – and can even be converted quickly.

For the V8 and W12 Bentayga models in 2019, it is the world’s largest carbon ceramic brake, with 10 piston calipers on the front. Buyers who want to adhere to the iron brake disc can choose the optional red calipers. Curiously, the carbon plate was affixed with a non-toxic black lacquered caliper.
Some people may prefer Bentayga V8 on W12 appearance, because it avoids the chrome plating, and chose the grille dark coating, and obtained a unique air vent and an edge center, enabling them to a distance like four different pipeline. The optional carbon fiber exterior trim adds a rear spoiler to the SUV’s roof, though the add-on looks redundant, but it actually looks cool. This may be more important than any real-world air circulation requirement.
As with the outside world, the Bentayga interior doesn’t have any major changes in this new V8 look. High-light carbon fiber trim is now optional, with the bentley’s usual subgloss finish and a lot of wood veneer from all over the world. As you would expect from bentley, almost all surfaces are solid, with smooth or quilted leather or plush fabrics. There are a few plastic shells that don’t look right, especially in the tube at the top of the pipe, but since they are not contact points, it may not be important. We are fans of the Bentayga infotainment system (even if it’s sorted from the audi parts catalog),
The two front-row seats have plenty of room, and ergonomics is perfect. To get the best results, choose a Bentayga with two backseats instead of a bench, and enjoy a huge center console and electric control. Either way, due to the oversized transparent roof panels, the cabin feels bright and ventilated.
Which Bentayga should the buyer choose? This is a strange problem. In fact, V8 is not as fast or powerful as W12, and in fact it’s not any different, even the new 17.3-inch carbon brakes are Shared. In short, though bentley may claim, this is not a movement option. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth considering people who can afford a luxury multi-purpose vehicle worth $200,000.
Bigger than you might think, Bentayga is easy to become bentley’s best-selling model. Perhaps the closest competitor to Bentayga is land rover’s range rover SV, which starts at $177,200 and climbs from there. Like Bentayga, raif has a legendary insignia, a legendary pedigree, ultra-luxurious interiors and a legitimate off-road capability. Now with a cheaper Bentayga, bentley can get customers from audi, BMW or Mercedes that could have been considered less extravagant.


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