1980 Chevrolet corvette 2dr Cpe.


Seller’s details:
1980 Chevrolet corvette 18000 miles L78 silver Burgundy leather original mirror T shirt is perfect original state ultra clean big color CombinationOriginal Eagle GT tire electric window units like real driving a new CAR not sure you will find another like it called the 631-620-3330 financing effective trading is welcome to visit Hollywood CAR online at www.hollywoodmotorsusa.com to see more picture of the CAR or call our today’s 516 – CAR – GUYS arrange your test drive.
The original tyre explained everything! 18K original mile capsule! Very rare higher HP L82 (not available for manual 4 speed) frigates in 1980 with various possible options, including a mirror T top! Most of the cars were original and had some original paint, but many of them had to be redone because of the silver color fading and checking. As most of you know, GM silver in the late ’70s and early’ 80s was so in BEST! Laugh out loud… The interior is 100% original, like new, everything is as it should be, the engine room is very clean, I didn’t even wipe it clean! The prices of these cars are rising rapidly, and extremely low – range cars are becoming increasingly scarce.
At the Hollywood car company, we pride ourselves on the sale of a reasonably priced classic car. Remember, all of our classic works are used cars, not new ones. We described the cars according to our knowledge and placed many photos on our website. We are not responsible for typographical errors or typos. For any second-hand vehicle, there may be a small defect, and we encourage you to personally check our inventory before purchasing any vehicle.
Price: $19,900.
The ford mustang in 1965, as shown at the 1964 world expo. Ford motor company offers photos.
It seems that a dollar will not buy a previous product, and that is even more obvious when buying a new car. Although many of us recall economical high-performance cars and low cost of gasoline “good times”, but the car (and their care and feeding) really cheaper, or just over our judgment on time?

To answer this question, I compiled some of the data, compares the chassis V – 8 ford mustang coupe, the Chevrolet corvette sports car and porsche sports car 911, examined 1965, 1985, 2005 and 2013 models, in order to obtain good price but don’t overwhelm our data. First, I converted the historical price of the car into the current dollar (with the help of MeasurementWorth.com) as a benchmark and helped keep perspective.
And then there’s more research. Using data about production worker average wage (also from MeasuringWorth.com), I calculated the buying all the work of the time needed for each car, assuming (of course is unrealistic) assuming no other household spending. I also looked at the average cost of natural gas from the U.S. department of energy and calculated how long it would take to pump 10 gallons of oil into the tank. My results are not as consistent as people think.
In 1965, a new v-8 powered ford mustang was priced at $2,734.00 ($19,900 today), and average workers earned $3 an hour. Buy a new mustang coupe with a v-8 engine, so you need 911 hours or about 23 weeks. By 1985, eight cylinder Mustang costs has risen to $9885.00 (today’s us $21100), and manufacturing wages have risen to $12.50 an hour, that means labor 791 hours (1965 hours less than in 1965) to buy one. In 2005, these scales in the opposite direction: V – 8 mustang sold for $25815 ($30300) today, and production workers for $23.92 per hour, 1079 hours of work is needed to buy cars. The picture was further darkened in 2013, with the $31,545 mustang needed to make $27.15 an hour for $1.


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