The vision of aston Martin lagonda offers a glimpse into the future of lagonda.


As early as 2014, aston Martin officially reintroduced the lagonda brand with the Geneva motor show. Its first car was a $1 million Taraf, a super-luxury sedan with a carbon-fiber body and a 540-horsepower v-12. This year aston Martin presented a less conservative vision to show what the future Lagondas might look like.
Like many Concept cars, Lagonda Vision Concept is designed with automation, but it is not just a vehicle for future millionaires. Aston Martin says Vision Concept is a preview of the design language we will see in two new Lagonda models planned for the next few years. The two models, together with Vision Concept, show how its design language fits into the lineup of coupes and suvs.
The first production model of a design language using Vision Concept will come in 2021 and a second model will be introduced in two years. From its voice, the first new lagonda will become a sedan, while the second will be an SUV or a coupe. Recently, like suvs, we bet on the former.
Functions such as the retractable steering wheel, rotating front seats and rear hinges may not be ready for production, but the electric power assembly will certainly be. Aston Martin said it wanted to reach the first luxury brand dedicated to selling zero-emission cars, so it designed the Vision Concept around a range of electric motors. Using solid-state batteries may or may not be available in 2021, says aston Martin, whose target is 400 miles. At that time, the owners could drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco.
Without the need to install an internal combustion engine, designers can make Vision Concept smaller than traditional executive cars without sacrificing cockpit space. It is said that there are four 6’5 “passengers who can stretch out comfortably.

“Lagonda doesn’t need a lot of road space and doesn’t need to show off the wealth statement,” Marek Reichman, chief creative officer at aston Martin, said at the launch. “It’s like comparing Concorde with the first class of a traditional airliner. Through the abandonment of the Parthenon grilles and large areas of traditional buildings, and through the use of electric power, the design of lagonda remains unique, luxurious and inexpensive. It provides its customers with a completely modern, undischarged super-luxury mobility. ”
In terms of practical automation, it sounds like aston Martin is not putting it on the market. Aston Martin palmer’s chief executive, Andy said: “for the real owner of luxury car, autonomy has existed for more than a century, on the basis of the carbon in the form of a known as the driver. “We imagine that most lagonda customers will choose to drive, but it will be up to them both personally and by computer. If they want to drive themselves, the car will make sure it is a pleasant and memorable experience. Lagonda will offer this option. “


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