2018 USSV rhino GX: driving based on the ford f-450 offensive guard.


If it really is the best defense is a good offense, so the rebound ford F – 450 must be the most aggressive, so also is the best defense mode, for those personal defense budget can swing at least $250000, this is the best defense mode. Oh, even though the U.S. special vehicle rhinoceros GX appears to be resilient, its literal meaning (to achieve B6 fire resistance) adds considerable cost. What is the price of two hellfire air-to-ground missiles?
Is not only meet the eyes – this is a brand new SUV body, one common cab and a dual pickup truck is eight feet when ford F – 450 super pickup from louisville, Kentucky truck plant. The original car’s frame, firewalls, A column and B columns were all retained and modified. The rest of the new car is made of manual steel, except for the hood, front fender and all four wheels. Please note that the armrest of roof and door dent their feet to consumptive bodyguards can hang on the outside of the vehicle at any time, and in you flick through hostile area with the trigger command machine cover. Sharp eyes will notice that the last superlights are also preserved. Is that,
Most of the stock in front suspension increases Bilstein’s adjustable impact. However, the rear suspension is completely redesigned. A CLASS (compressible liquid active suspension system) for hydraulic springs (suppliers to ambulances, buses and recreational vehicles) was abandoned. The shaft is on both sides, and the lower radius is located on the lateral link above the axis. The hydraulic spring/damper unit provides load leveling, three stroke – height Settings (front unadjustable) and variable damping.
The fake aluminum hub is also a small wonder of engineering, because they can be exchanged in the past, and they can only be turned around. Because of the f-450 standard double rear wheel setting, it is not easy to consider that the donor truck will set the rear wheel mounting surface on the outside. However, through the mechanical processing and internal and external coating, only the center cover can be replaced, and the rear wheel of the inverted depth offset can be used to accommodate the shallow offset front axle.

Internally, demolition, shares the front seats installed more loving bubble, and they are suitably wrapped in a more luxurious handmade leather, now almost covers all all the things you can see or touch – in addition to the premium (Alcantara). The second and third row are specially manufactured for USSV. The synchronization system is being abandoned to support the Alpine touchscreen info-entertainment system, which also controls the wide range of assisted LED lighting that can be generated near the truck’s surroundings. The administrative configuration has a partition to install a large screen TV, and a more luxurious throne is replaced by a third row seat.
So what does it feel like to drive this huge black rhino? Threat – on the initiative, “I am the threat”. One of them, with respect to the driver, was completely absent from the ford EcoSport or Chevrolet Trax. The front view is good, but the rear view is uncertain (however, a great overhead camera can provide an excellent view when reversing). While the Power Stroke diesel engine seemed to be able to get rid of about 2,500 pounds when it accelerated, the USSV loaded the Super Duty base. The steering is large – the rig is lifeless, but accurate enough (to explain this, enough to be close to horseshoes, grenades and nuclear war).
Obviously, this rig is not for everyone – especially not every American. Of the 300 or so rhinos, GXs USSV has been moved so far, only 20 of them stamped on American soil. Most of them are sold in China. It’s called g. Patton. Yes, after that iconic American champion got a good attack, old blood and guts George s. patton. But keep in mind that the USSV is about to launch its Rhino XT, which is a two-door bounce for the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Perhaps in China, this one will be named after a slightly less belligerent general – perhaps Eisenhower.


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