2018 porsche cayenne TURBO: first driving review.


Porsche – it provides the auto industry with three sacred Numbers – the gate of 911. Porsche has also provided the industry with the lessons of timeless design. Just as these are the sacred texts of speed worshippers, porsche unleashed a prophecy that could shape the future of the car. In a rally of 959, porsche sees the performance of its sports car in a limousine and redefines the meaning of “movement” in sport utility vehicles. The modern bearer of this prophecy is called the cayenne.
In the past ten years or so of time, the SUV dominance in the global auto market, no matter whether like them, but like Bentley Bentayga, maserati levante, lamborghini Urus, ready to be born of modena ferrari’s enemy, and from Germany AMG, S and M logo SUV troops are based on the same idea. Their ability to combine track performance with daily practicality and a degree of bad road ability has made the cash register a wake-up call for its manufacturers.
Although many are still chasing and trying to fine-tune the concept, porsche is ready for a third generation, Cayenne. While many porsche purists are still unhappy with the concept of a Stuttgart sport-utility vehicle, Cayenne is a very important car. It has sold more than 300,000 units, and it is undeniable that it has brought a lot of money to the brand, and these healthy benefits mean that you and I can always continue to enjoy the new 911. Let us believe what it should be, because Cayenne will never rely solely on its SUV style. On the basis of height and weight, it is as advanced as your desired porsche, and more fun than Bentley Bentayga or more. Audi SQ7 – the car that shares its base platform.
In the typical porsche fashion, the design is gradual and difficult to distinguish from the forthcoming models. Look at the porsches and the seamless glass strip that connects the fashionable LED taillights, and you’ll know it’s the new Cayenne. The zone also highlights the universality of the new model. Unlike the typical porsche design, the hood is placed in a lower position than the headlamp, and the new hood is in line with them. Like the previous models, the new headlight layout has four LED day lights, but these are larger and more square. The bumper retains a three-tier layout, but the inlet and cooling channels are more compact. Still, the glass dome in the central dam of the road surveillance cameras and sensors looks inelegant. When the wheel size has been

increased by an inch (different models), the roof has been lowered by one centimeter, and with a tighter line, the overall outline of the body? ? Cayenne looks athletic and more compact than other models.
Climbing the cabin, it still feels like a high-riding SUV, giving you a way to show you the way. You’ll notice a cleaner center console. The pressure touch switch in the new Panamera replaces conventional switching devices and reduces visual clutter. The gear selector is also more compact. The 12.3-inch infotainment screen dominates Cayenne’s typical dashboard vertical profile and draws attention away from the porsche logo clock on the dashboard. It’s almost like a netbook computer stacked on a dashboard. The same is true of the software – allows you to customize the layout, install your own applications, and deliver the entertainment content on the Internet. The interface is easy to learn and doesn’t require you to move your eyes away from the road. I like new equipment too!
Because of porsche’s business in the Middle East, we were invited to meet and drive the new Cayenne in fujairah, near dubai. I wanted to go to the dunes and crash into the car, but our drive was designed to keep track of the coast and across the border into some of Oman’s arid mountains. The latter is actually a replica of the Ladakhi terrain, minus the oxygen level. It is interesting to note that the land is full of Japanese and American cars, occasionally with mercedes-benz AMG ® G – wagon or land rover witness lens. So Cayenne doesn’t look the same as most onlookers, but their actions show that they like what they see. In dubai, mumbai and other metropolitan areas, the new Cayenne will be as sophisticated as its predecessor.


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