The most stylish and intriguing car at the Geneva motor show.


At the Geneva motor show in 2018, some of the most attractive cars we’ve ever seen made their debut, showing BMW, hyundai, lexus and so on. Motor Trend is at the auto show, communicating with executives, designers and product planners to bring you the best automatic presentation you can find anywhere. So if you want to know that Peugeot’s full-back car is the same as BMW’s flagship concept car and Volvo’s new car, please read on.
Few people know that the guard car is cool, sexy and kind. The steering wheel has a flat roof and a flat bottom. There is more open wood than the ikea catalogue. Leather and Alcantara suede leather seats are very comfortable, they have received Aktion GesunderRucken (AGR) label, ergonomic excellence. Stem, button and dial have a good touch. There’s good back row space. However, if the glove box contains a set of Gauloises, its French will not be more difficult to understand. Pourquoi? The infotainer interface has selection keys, such as piano audio, fan, navigation, system and phone Settings – but the hieroglyphs are straight up, so drivers can’t see them. – Mark Rechtin
The crossover of this fashionable carriage is striking, and we want it. The official car will not go to our coast, but the design clue is expected to enter the future, so we can only hope. The lines are crisp, warm, warm and comfortable, with a well-ventilated cupboard. As subaru, the concept has a boxing engine and a full wheel drive, but it also has the latest autonomic technology. – Alisa describes Priddle
What makes this Swoopy wedge concept different from that of infiniti, Mazda, Volkswagen and Mercedes? I mean, everyone is talking about their next generation of design and it’s going to be shaped like this – and then there’s another conventional three-car sedan. However, we have seen some signature lines in the past Hyundais, except that this version looks like the designer who worked at Pininfarina last summer. Perhaps, perhaps, this has become a reality. – Mark Rechtin

There are a lot of super/super/big cars at the Geneva motor show, but the modern concept of Le Fil Rouge is a concept that pops up in my retina. The CGI images released with the vehicle really don’t do any good; You must see the car in the metal to be appreciated. It also helps to make modern design’s friendly and fluid head, mulberry, lead you all the subtleties of the four-door couche. The main content of this thoughtful concept is that modern designers are rethinking traditional limitations. For example, different “lighting architectures” help to indicate the intentions of vehicles and drivers; In the autonomous mode, the light at the entrance of the door is illuminated, and the light is exchanged with the elements embedded in the front grate. This is because the concept 4 autonomous driving system does not necessarily need a visible spectrum to see the road ahead. When the driver takes over, the headlights return to the beneficial level of the body, and the lights around the greenhouse window light up, indicating that the personnel are under control. When it comes to control, the interior is subtle and wild. Modern Korean studio deleted you expect the console in the middle of the vehicle and dashboards, door plank, pillar and layered recycled wood channel, composite materials and metal and covered with fine furniture fabrics arc buttresses and stents and nickel accent. It is gorgeous and powerful – the pipes and open channels in the entire carriage can deliver heat or air conditioning from the hvac system. Well done, modern. – Ed Loh
In BMW M3 and M4 significance. The same is true for M5. I got X5 M, but I’ve been struggling with M6. Although it seems to be part (a bit) and really busy, I can’t understand the concept of X6. This is true whenever anyone discusses the 7 series of M series. Damn it (but damn hot, albina B7 has all the senses in the world). BMW knocked it out of the park through the M8 Gran Coupe concept. It looks as if everyone is making a big glass (with two doors and four doors), but BMW is using the M8 to fix the proportions and stance. It looks sinister. Its atmosphere is very threatening. It’s like an M car in the cold war. How will BMW push M now? – Ed Loh


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