The first cycling review of yamaha mt-10 in 2018.


Super nakeds is a bomb. They are the perfect combination of everyday practicality and the modern performance of superbikes. The yzf-r1 derived 998cc straight-line four-cylinder mill provides 160PS and Yamaha mt-10 is not just a nuclear bomb on two wheels. I saw it in the photo for the first time, and I think it looks like it will star in the next transformers movie! Have I ridden it now? Simple as that? I almost believe that yamaha got the help of a bike from outer space.
It is worth noting that MT-10 does feel special. Build quality, fit level and plastic quality are top-notch. Monochrome display is inspired by R1 and looks neat. Comfortable riding posture, upright, but slightly sporty. Start the engine, and thanks to the cross – plane crank, you are dealing with the same non-characteristic (for the four) exhaust notes of R1. Although it’s a short ride, I think the mt-10 is the proper definition of the term “crotch rocket”. It’s wet. Your pants are fast. It’s a definite no-no for beginners. The throttle response is crisp and the R1 engine butter is smooth. The motors provide great torque at low speeds, so the power wheel is inevitable at least in the first pair of gears, unless you encounter traction or a softer ride.
The throttle response is almost electric, and the acceleration is very intense, and you really can’t tell the bike’s 210kg total quality. I also like the feeling and feedback of 43 mm upside down fork? Of course, it’s one of the world’s best superbikes to upgrade. Alas, the drive was too short, and I didn’t even get confirmation from yamaha about the bicycle India offering. If launched, it should be priced at around 130,000 rupees. I have not yet convinced mt-10 to develop with the help of outer space, but I can tell you that this is a truly capable public nudist and should come to India.

The yamaha XSR 900 was a mythbusters. Given their retro design for some reason, I always feel that retro look like XSR is slower and less engaged than modern bikes. However, with the same 847cc as the mt-09, with a built-in triple frequency, and a few minutes on the saddle of the same 115PS / 87.5Nm XSR 900, I changed my point of view. I want to start by telling you that it looks amazing. The classic round headlight is fixed with a nice hanger, while the dashboard is a simple round hanger. It integrates a large amount of information, and the XSR 900 even has the support function of traction control and cycling mode, which means the bike is very modern.
The compact packaging of the engine, the stripes on the fuel tank and the slender rear end are all very attractive designs, and the XSR 900 will attract many motorcyclists. The engine feels fine, packed like mt-09. Yamaha has adjusted the motor to a strong bottom and medium-speed impact, which makes the acceleration very fast, but the throttle response is slightly slower than MT. Still, a power wheel is easy. I also like precise refueling, which adds to the lovely feeling.
Is it the biggest surprise for me? The XSR 900 quickly becomes a corner and feels planted. All in all, the XSR 900 should allow comfort, performance and confidence to become a favorite daily motorcycle. Yamaha India has not yet confirmed India’s release, but we hope the bikes will come to India because we believe there is a need for bikes like the XSR 900. If introduced, the price of the bike should be the same as MT -09, around 110,000 rupees, although we would like to see it enter through the CKD route, which is about 800,000 rupees, making it attractive enough.


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