As an IndyCar season, the team won Helio Castroneves.


ST. Pilsburst-helio Castroneves, Florida, made his first appearance on the IndyCar after joining the series. His banes did not forget the popular driver.
On Sunday, st. Joseph Newgarden, Simon Pagenaud and Will Power Will have a special “Helio” sticker on top of their visor during the opening match of the season on the streets of st. Petersburg on Friday. Castroneves, who was moved out of Penske’s IndyCar group at the end of last season, is now leading his new sports car plan.
The three-time Indianapolis 500, which began the series in 1998, will return to India in May, when he won his fourth victory. On Friday, he was still trying to get used to not being on the track, not seeing the third lap he was familiar with.
“I won’t deny that it’s hard,” Mr. Castro said. “I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and I haven’t sunk because I’m not there, because I’m not there, and it’s normal, and we’re getting used to it. Move on, we get over it, we meet. ”
Mr Castro is the third of st Peter’s winners and the grand marshal of Sunday’s game. He joked that his order might be directed only at the driver of the pansk driver.
Although Mr. Castro was in the audience this weekend, Power said he felt he was still part of the team. To learn about IndyCar’s new car this season, Castroneves will take part in a team meeting. He will get his first seat at new Dallara in a test run by Barber Motorsports in Alabama later this month.
As for the dynamics of the organization, from four cars to three without castro, momentum said the defending champion Newgarden filled the void.
“I think Joseph has an advantage in the energy and loudness of the engineering office,” Power said.
Bouncing back?
Bobby Rahal announced that Oriol Servia was his third driver in Indianapolis 500 and started doing some math. In may, Indy’s entries will likely grow to more than 33 years old and will return to the field.
“I’m not sure how many entries there are in Indy-34 so far,” said Rahal. 35 years old? A couple hasn’t announced yet, I know how many works there. “I think it’s going to be a very interesting may, and again, you’re going to compete for the game – not just because you’re there.”
Honda said earlier on Friday that it had promised 17 engines so far, and suggested more engines would be available. Servia announced 31 entries in a joint deal with Scuderia Corsa. Pippa Mann, JR Hildebrand and Buddy lazier-indy 500 have not yet announced the deal. With jay Howard, who opened the last year of Schmitt peterson.
If all of these drivers close together, the tension will return to IndyCar’s biggest game of the year. Since 2011, a driver has not been eliminated from the Indy 500, and since qualifying procedures have been changed to the last shot to set the front row. Rahal doesn’t mind if the shock part of qualifying is completed on the first day of Saturday, and the pole position is awarded on Sunday.

Collision Rahal said: “I think it’s very important for the top 500, because it has always been an important component part of the top 500, story, how many people fail, how many people are in the final seconds succeeded. “I think it definitely adds up to 500 folklore.”
Oh, Canada
James Hinchcliffe and Robert Wickens were reunited in the same organization about 16 years after Canada’s first encounter with the carding team. Wickens will make his debut for IndyCar on Sunday in the Schmitt peterson team for the all-canadian team.
Although Hinchliffe was a veteran of IndyCar, Wickens joined the American series after success in European racing. Vickers, who played DTM in the Mercedes AMG, won six games, 15 podium and five pole positions in the 84th game. When Russia’s mikhail alessien struggled to return to the United States in June after a 24-hour race in le mans, the team needed to replace the driver, and he recommended his friend.
Before Aleshin took it to Wisconsin, Wickens did two things on the road to America. He thinks his IndyCar career has lasted all day, but Mercedes will leave DTM at the end of the season, and wikens is starting to prepare for his future. This caused him to travel full-time to IndyCar and his old friends.
“Today we’re sitting in a crazy place, like IndyCar’s pro,” Wickens said. “For a long time, we all dream to become a professional rally driver, this for any child is a show that you can’t predict the future, and have the ideal plan, because I don’t have an ideal career path to make their entering IndyCar age 28, I lived in my childhood dream, but also very cool. ”
What did he say
Chip Ganassi said he was sleeping when a sanitation truck returned to the st. Pete’s enclosure. Asked what he said about the disaster, Ganassi quipped, “I have to take a shower.”


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