4 future cars worth waiting for.


A dedicated car enthusiast waits… Waiting…… Waiting for life, but fortunately, there are many vehicles worth our saintly patience in the next five years. Many of the beloved models have achieved spectacular results, with electric cars taking centre stage and sports cars more innovative (and horsepower).
Tesla has gained a reputation for offering vehicles that do not follow the rules of traditional carmakers. Want a stylish, high-performance EV with five Spaces to travel nearly 300 miles while charging? Only tesla makes such a model, the s-type, and the tesla model can reach 60 miles per hour in three seconds or less. It’s a really good sports car, and it happens to be electric. The only downside? It’s expensive. The most powerful model can easily exceed the six-figure threshold.
Tesla fans have been eagerly anticipating a more affordable model, the type 3. In fact, tesla expects tesla to book more than 400,000 new cars.
Why we need it:
The idea of a $35,000 tesla is heady stuff. Elon musk says, model 3, one of the first to arrive later this year (in addition to any delay) will be in more than 215 miles between charges, and in about six seconds to reach 60 miles per hour. The Model 3 prototype, which was launched last spring, looks pretty and has four Spaces, with a huge 15-inch iPad screen inside, replacing all the typical gauges. Tesla’s future is riding on this more affordable car. The company needs to attract more customers to join a large number of brands. If tesla can deliver the car on time and exceed the expectations of potential owners, the Model 3 could be the most successful Model tesla has ever produced.
Land rover defender is the direct descendant of land rover series I in 1948, and the British version of Jeep CJ. Despite the use of the I series, II series and III series and later Defender models around the world, we have not been on our shores for 20 years. Land rover cannot adapt to the rugged naked bone guards to comply with modern American safety regulations, so it must leave. The price of Defender models sold in the United States from 1993 to 1997 has risen to six figures and higher.
So, obviously, the Defender’s honesty resonates with today’s truck buffs. Fortunately, land rover will bring the new Defender to our shores in 2018.
Why we need it:
New Defender may borrow models of some classical modelling clues in the past, but at the same time also can bring improvements on the design, and it will almost certainly be weaker than the 2011 knee DC100 Concept more hawkish (pictured above). In this case, with the range rover sport, the range rover sport is the same as the box structure used in the new discovery version. This means that unlike the Jeep Wrangler, the new Defender does not have a solid axle on either side. But hey, this is land rover, so it should still be very capable.
Land rover said it would include new parts unrelated to its platform partners to improve its capabilities. In any case, the new Defender will almost certainly be better on the asphalt than ever before. So, it could end up being the best in the world.

In the 1960s and early 1970s, car enthusiasts flooded special versions of powerful muscles designed to win street racing and clean up local trailers or roads. Cars are so noisy that they have almost no street legitimacy. The Musclecar rebirth brings back many modern versions of the exciting machines, the ford Shelby GT 500 and GT 350, to Camaro ZL1 and Z / 28.
According to friends of our Car and Driver, dodge launched the challenger Hellcat in 2015, with a jaw-dropping 707 horsepower and 11.7 seconds of running speed up to a quarter of a mile. But for dodge, that’s not good enough. Next year, they will launch the demon – a more powerful challenger, designed to be directly driven and controlled.
Why we need it:
Under the demon’s hood there is an 800-horsepower Hellcat V8 version. This is surprising. Daoqi also said that the devil is more than 200 pounds lighter than an ordinary Hellcat. Demon’s spy photos show it has a wider track and a large flare that covers the super-sticky towed radial tires. So, more power, lighter weight and more grip, the devil should be one of the fastest cars in a quarter mile, regardless of the price. We will know more when the devil is unveiled at the New York auto show in April. Supra is the top-of-the-range Toyota model from the late 1970s to 1998, and Supra was originally a more powerful and luxurious version of the Celica coupe. But in the second generation, Supra finally became a separate model and was given the option of turbocharging. But this is the third generation that gives Supra a high-performance image. The twin turbo engine, introduced in 1996, made the corvette power (320 horsepower) the dream of an entire generation of imported car fans. Durable straight six-cylinder engines can be modified to safely handle hundreds of extra horsepower, and Supra became The main character in The Fast and The Furious 2001. In two short years, Supra will return.
Why we need it:
This time, Toyota will partner with BMW and share components with the forthcoming BMW Z5, rather than developing the new sports car itself. That’s good news, because BMW certainly has the expertise to make driving fun machines. Many predict that under the hood of the Supra will be a powerful two-turbine V6 or some hybrid system option. Many people, including fan sites, believe that new cars should carry some of the design themes presented in the radical ft-1 concept (pictured above). Toyota fans have had a real high-performance sports car for several years, and the Supra should look just as good as the car.


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