Rimac C_Two is a 1,888 horsepower semi-automatic electric supercar.


Kia unveiled a preliminary draft of its new K900 luxury flagship sedan at the beginning of march, and is rumoured to be due to be released later this month at the international auto show in New York.
These images provide the new “noble gravity” design language to be worn by the K900 in 2019, as well as the “two-faced comet” headlamp and “quadric grid” inspired by the theme of the condensing energy. “There are 176 gem-like ‘batteries’ in the grid, implying that the released energy is accelerating away from its center,” kia explained in a press release.
From the back, the design – a joint effort between kia’s south Korean and California modeling studios – shows chrome’s bright spots, which are close to luxury.
The new K900 is expected to formally bow in New York at the end of march; The south Korean luxury sedan is expected to go on sale in spring and summer 2018. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but in Canada, the current model for 2018 now starts at just $61,000.
For hardening of DIY types, even for those who seldom wear a set of gloves of science and technology, if the car manufacturers use only a small amount of standardized types of decorative buckle, rather than there is a large number of pins, clips and additional hardware and is increasing every year? For those who screamed, “there’s a better way!” There are some simpler and cheaper solution. The first thing to understand is, the vehicle’s main assembly way is to make it easier for the factory process, faster, and lower the labor intensity. Despite the application in engineering/design some ideas to solve some problems will be removed for maintenance or repair line, but for us, these considerations often seems to be no for us, because the owner trying to find a way to get this (insert favorite here flattering) back panel or part.
The following is a brief introduction of the three most common fasteners, how to use them, at the parts counter asked what, and where to find them at a right price. But first, you must have the appropriate tools. Use metal tools processing fragile, auto plastic may cause damage. In the plastic processing when it is best to use plastic, almost all of the auto parts store will provide reasonable price tool suite. The Rimac, which built a two-seater sports car on the Concept Two electric supercar in Geneva last week, claims to have 1,888 horsepower, 1,696 pound-feet of torque, and zero to 96 kilometers per hour,

Croatian auto makers like to call it C_Two, apparently with a top speed of 412km/h; Driving it at a lower speed, according to European test standards, can provide you with a battery range of 650 kilometers.
If that’s not impressive enough, Rimac says it plans to use a four-step autonomous technology in C_Two, so that cars can drive themselves under certain conditions.
The same computer can take over the driving task can also provide you with ideal on almost any track racing circuits and the braking point, let you know the car on the track has advantages in the respect of position.
The car is built around a carbon fiber hard shell chassis, with rows of tires and creases to bring air into all the right places. Some tricks of the air, as well as adjusting the position to help immediately.
These types of Numbers and the ability to sound like the hot air to brag about to us, if not two things, we will write C_Two: Rimac has proved its courage, built eight Concept One super sports car, quickly got the title bow in 2013 to become the world’s fastest speed electric vehicles; Second, it has acquired a query from a prospective client of 150 C_Twos, which is intended to be built.
It will take time for the cars to be polarised, and Rimac says the first delivery will take at least 2020. If we somehow hear of a better car than before, we’ll let you know.


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