How does tequila become the first choice, not just a celebrity?


What did actress Helen mirren drink on Sunday at the oscars red carpet?
What’s so special about Sarah Jessica parker’s character and her tennis player friends at the end of the last season of “divorce”?
Los Angeles nutritionist Kelly LeVeque recently advised her famous client, Jennifer Garner, to try to replace wine.
60 years later, the name of the song became champagne gold, the blue drinks tequila, are having a Renaissance, as one kind of beverage to sipping their taste, rather than using Ecto Cooler color margarita mix or shooting, with closed eyes, nose, behind the bar. Other celebrities, Jennifer and Lawrence, also drink it. Justin Timberlake and p. Diddy (with their own brand) drink it. So, obviously, you.
Sales of tequila have increased by 121 per cent since 2002, according to the American distillery association. (vodka sales in the early days increased the cosmopolitans and apple pie by just 2.4%.) In January, rebekah to $5.1 billion for the high-end liquor group Patron tequila brand, last year, another group achish the George clooney and rand “fake tequila Casamigos $1 billion.
Connoisseurs discuss the tasting notes of tequila and fragrance – a black pepper, not aging at the age of 5 black pepper mellow flavor, and more than 600 in Mexico tequila college catalog of other spices. Health lovers, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, have touted their lack of gluten, relatively few calories (about 65 times a time) and mating, which is said to reduce triglycerides.
“Not many people think, what is wine? Is it the potato, the grape, the tequila? “Said LeVeque. “Because alcohol is hard to drink and you drink too slowly, you get the buzz, but you don’t get the high blood sugar you can drink.”
For some people, drink tequila is a kind of particular region from Mexico mace Carl wine made of blue agave plants, and other types of mace Carl wine, it is even sent President Donald trump objections one way, the wall of the priority between the United States and Mexico.
When trump announced that he was planning to run for office, John rex, founder of Ilegal Mezcal, a company based in oaxaca, Mexico, created a series of products to discredit trump’s role. Ilegal brand director and John Rexer niece 29-year-old Kaylan Rexer, said the company in New York in Manhattan’s west village without a sign of theatres, concerts, and only use “espadin agave” mezcal, because it is sustainable.
Bertha Gonzalez, 47, is the founder of Casa Dragones, a top-of-the-line version of the tequila, which costs about $300. Oprah Winfrey is a fan who believes she is in a growth industry that will further enrich her country’s cultural and economic landscape. “Mexico today there are about 15 name of origin, but I hope tomorrow there are 197 different types of tequila, we are going to have 20 or 30 production areas, because if we are smart enough to establish the basis of the production process, we can understand the land in different parts of Mexico, we can planting agave distillates in an incredible way. ”
People? Tequila?

When gonzalez and her colleagues open a Casa in the colonial city of SAN miguel allende Dragones bar, “we want to bring the land to come in, so we take away from our domain and a designer a lot of obsidian, created 4000 ceramic tile. “This is the wall of the tasting room,” gonzalez said. A maximum of six guests will be allowed to participate in a 45-minute guided tour. “This is what people are looking for,” she said. “It’s not a bar. You go for a drink.”
Gonzalez is working with Empellon and other high-grade Mexican restaurant in the midtown Manhattan, the restaurant charge $68 to buy Joven drinking water, but also in Los Angeles Providence Providence) American seafood supply. On a recent evening, the cook “paired” (with the food) room temperature Joven and the fantastic food, such as the Santa Barbara sea urchin and fennel pollen in the grapefruit jell-o, roasted wild Spanish octopus.
“For its proof, it’s very creamy and creamy,” said Kim Stodel, the restaurant’s bar manager. He serves Joven in Riedel tequila glasses and looks like a champagne flute. “The attention to this bottle,” he said – each with a unique serial number, like a pair of Common Projects sneakers – “is like a chef’s attention to food in the kitchen.”
Casa Noble, aged in French white oak barrels, has been found among the millennial generation and generation X urbanites. “A lot of them have no bad experience with tequila, like a baby boom,” says Mr Pepe, chief executive of Casa Noble. “They’re more willing to try.”
In the latest on female empowerment, entrepreneurship and tequila before his remarks, gonzalez, only members of the club in Hollywood Neuehouse provides a waiter, waiter will long casa tequila (Grass Dragones) flute poured out wine, the guests think these curiously tequila.
“The first one was a little strong, and the second one really went well,” said Jennifer Freud, 44, a film producer. “I think the key is to get over the first bite.”
Jenae Owen, 27, the founder of an online shop selling sportswear In Flow Style, is more pragmatic. “I drank tequila,” she said. “I’ve been drinking it since I was legal. I like blancos. I think people are becoming more and more interested and aware that shooting it is not good. ”
Her sister and co-founder, Meghan Owen, 29, said she had been studying tequila for the past year. “Before that, ‘cool, we’ll have margarita,’ or I’ll bet and regret the next day. Now, it’s like a complete art form. “


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