2019 Ram 1500: almost a light pick-up truck!


What it is: surrounded by the smallest camouflage, the next Ram 1500 has found its new grille, mostly showing it to you. Modified unit is hexagonal, perhaps audi type of mite, and Daimler and Chrysler Pentastar merged fiat before car truck always wear large rock drill is different, their performance is not as dominant as they. . A pair of subtle rectangular entrances have replaced the recent overtones of the ram’s nostrils, and the headlights with the DRL of the lantern seem to have been inspired by the dodge Durango and Chrysler 300. Taillight adds complexity and surface processing power to the back lighting module of the 1970s through the 1990s D series pickups.
Why it’s important: the light 1500 is the main character of the Ram line, and is the basis for the presentation of the vehicle from the work environment to the full customized lifestyle. It is the foundation of sports off-road oriented rebels, and could become the basis of future ford raptor aircraft, this is a potential move, it has a cacophony of Calvin decals after-sale market expectations of a wet pants.
Platform: this is the American pickup truck. Here is a ladder frame. Because it is a Ram 1500, you can expect a coil spring to use air springs. However, ram did not follow ford or even the jeep brothers and sisters until the future, because 1500 would retain a steel body. We really want the Cab to grow and we’ve seen the Mega Cab model in disguise running. Another feature of the new Ram is the split rear fender, which can be dropped as a unit and can be opened in two parts, the barn door. The images are not seen on the truck, but are likely to be a choice.
Powertrain: the cabin also sees some new options. The discussion of the turbocharged four-cylinder engine may be part of the hybrid system, as the jeep wrangler announced. The FCA is FCA, and it is expected that Ram 1500 will retain Hemi v-8, possibly in some strange ability. Pentastar V-6 will also be in the mix. Of course, four-by-two and four-by-four variants can be used.
Competition: Chevrolet Silverado, ford f-150, GMC Sierra, nissan Titan, Toyota Tundra.
Expected arrival time and price: we’ll know more when we launch trucks early next year, most likely at the Detroit auto show. As for pricing? The new truck should start at about $29,000, then rise from there, depending on the power assembly, the size of the cab and the luxury.

Or it may not be – in the spring of 2016, when ford announced that it would build a new version in Mexico, fox was unwittingly a member of political football. (today’s U.S. market focus, in addition to the 350 horsepower RS model, is assembled in Wayne, Michigan.) That prompted a lengthy Twitter tirade from Donald trump during and after the presidential campaign, which convincingly convinced ford to retire. Instead, ford announced in June 2017 that it would focus mainly on China.
Platform: it is clear from these photos that the overall shape of the Focus will not change much. On a scale, it looks like today’s car. As we have previously speculated, the body structure of the new model may not be entirely new, but a major revision of the current architecture. Stiffness is expected to rise and weight loss. Based on what we can see here, the focus is leading to a much-needed injection of contemporary style. Headlights and taillights are thinner, clearer, and equipped with leds. Ford added more surface excitement to fox’s fender and door panels, creating a pair of Mazda 3 fold creases on each side of the body. The result was a slight shift, with ford adopting a new look similar to the hyundai elantra GT.
Powertrain: ford is expected to push the current version of fox’s 160-horsepower, 2.0-liter, four-cylinder, and turbo-charged 1.3hp 1.03-liter three-cylinder engine to new models. The six-speed manual and dual clutch automatic transmission and front wheel drive are likely to be the only power transmission lines.


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