The Speedback GT silver stone edition is available for power and price in Geneva.


David brown (not to be confused with the other aston’s David brown) has adopted the Speedback GT silverstone version of the seal at the Geneva motor show this week. Aston style Speedback made its debut in 2015, British traditional classic design theme into a relatively spacious luxury two-door wagon, and increases the 5.0 -liter supercharged V8 engine and a six-speed automatic transmission, power for 503 horsepower and 461 lb-ft of torque.
Back in 2015, when one of Speedback was taken to California for the monterey auto week, we drove the “original” Speedback GT and found that 503 horsepower was enough to drive the car. In fact, as a hand-made thing, every car can be ordered, and David brown is able to produce the power output according to the buyer’s requirements.
Published this week in Geneva, Speedback GT Silverstone Edition can definitely enhance motivation: this version of the torque for 601 horsepower and torque to 565 lb-ft, suitable for 4.2 seconds 0 to 60 MPH sprint speed limit and electronic top speed of 155 miles. The six-speed automatic gearbox is still in gear, sending all the horses to the rear wheels. The silverstone version also features upgraded suspension systems designed to improve handling and comfort, as well as automated dynamic stability control systems.
“Since David Brown’s move to silverstone, we have been hoping to mark the importance of the track’s aviation and motorsport traditions,” said David Brown, the company’s founder and chief executive. “Speedback Silverstone Edition displays our ambition at every level, Grand Tourer and the most powerful car we’ve ever made. ”
The silverstone version is limited to 10 cars and will also be equipped with a unique alloy wheel hub and a mesh grid with integrated lights. Inside, the seats will be covered with stylized silverstone on leather.
“We developed Speedback Silverstone Edition to attract new customers; Drivers want the best performance at all times, but still want to retain the availability and driving performance of a unique model that is both comfortable and luxurious. In Speedback GT and Mini Remastered models on the basis of the success of the auto DNA will soon be able to see, and we are inspired by traditional Yu Yinshi track, to shape the new models for the modern classical style of luxury cars on the market.

Car life
Mini, Remastered: the British classic has been reshaped for 1,400 hours.
The classic porsche 911, created by Mr Singh, is a British company moving to a higher level of “restoration” Mini, the original 10-foot-long city car.
Given that this is a special edition, the starting price will run at a price of about 100,000 pounds north of the normal Speedback GT price, starting at a staggering $722,000. In other words, before any special equipment or options, silverstone will start about $860,000. Or tax.
There is no doubt that Speedback GT and its economic activities belong to its own category, a category that Bristol blenheim has occupied for years. As we noted in 2015, when we launched one of the first Speedback, the appearance of the car and the real concept of the whole was a proposition that loved it or hated it. We can only hope that in ten years or so there will be some backward, because even those who today like it also have to face the fact that it is a very expensive things, is also very “retro” the fact that the 2002 ford thunderbird or Chrysler PT cruiser is restoring ancient ways, at the same time trying to look like a classic aston Martin.


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