Samsung is trying to replace smart home centers with giant TVS.


Last year, smart speakers began to integrate screens. Amazon launched its Echo Show, which provides Alexa with a box with a touch screen that displays news, weather, and even some content. Then, at CES, the smart screen trend expanded to other platforms, such as Google assistant, which increased the hardware of SONY, LG, and lenovo. This morning, samsung took smart TV as the center of the smart home experience, positioning it as a reasonable conclusion through the company’s SmartThings platform.
When the television sets are shipped later this month, they will be equipped with samsung’s digital assistant, bexby, as well as the non-public Galaxy smartphone. By talking to the TV remote control, you can issue voice commands and requests with other SmartThings compatible devices (such as ring doorbells, philips Hue lighting, etc.). It can implement most of the tasks currently processed by GuGe Home or Amazon Alexa devices.
When we don’t actively appreciate content, we are used to turning off the TV, but samsung wants to change the situation by changing the environment to make its huge display less visible. The Ambient Mode (Ambient Mode) turns the television into an information display, and it is integrated into the surrounding environment.
According to samsung, users and designers are still trying to hide TV, especially as the screen gets bigger. About 40 per cent of TVS sold in 2017 will be 65 inches or more, according to samsung, which is expected to exceed 50 per cent in 2018. A television that is hard to hide. The smallest QLED TV you can buy in 2018 is a spacious 49-inch TV.
However, the environmental model tries to make the TV transparent by filling the screen with the content behind it. When you install the TV, you can use the samsung app to take pictures of the display and its surroundings. The television itself then extrapolates the image and fills the image to try to make it appear transparent. For example, if the TV is on the brick wall, the brick will be displayed. If the wall has a texture, the TV will try to imitate it. This also applies to pure color. This is the fundamental shift in samsung’s TV frame, which aims to replace the black screen by displaying art works.
After the setup is complete, the TV will show you announcements such as “New York times” headlines or real-time weather reports. It can also show you information about music that you are listening to, as well as notifications of other devices on the SmartThings platform.

Since the TV has such a large screen, it may be more subtle about what it shows. For example, during the event, some of the artist’s mountains are displayed on the screen. The image has changed slightly with weather conditions provided by weather services in real time. So, when the weather is clear, the pictures on the mountain glow and turn to a more drab look when it’s cloudy or rainy.
Still, television is not the perfect substitute for smart hubs. You can use the amazon Echo Show to chat with friends on video, but you can’t use samsung’s big screen display. At least not yet. For useful accounts, such as calendars, the integration with GuGe smart assistants is not tight enough.
It also requires us to think about the fundamental shift in how we use television. It’s one thing to keep a small screen in your house all the time, but it’s another thing to power a 65-inch screen at any time of the day.
It ended up looking like a move that made sense for the company, which had a leading position in TV sales in 2016, when it sold 47.9 million units. Currently, environmental patterns exist in high-end QLED Settings, because they do not require traditional backlighting, so power consumption is lower. However, it is for the company a large segment of the market, and contains the entrance to the smart home platform, every TV is the good way to integrate the user into SmartThings, almost no friction.
Perhaps this will eventually become the end of the series of HGTV home designers trying to hide behind the scenes, paintings and other decorative decorations.


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