Renault has brought the ez-go concept into the future of self-driving cars.


Renault announced on Tuesday in Geneva international motor show in 2018 the concept of an electric driving a car on his own, the automaker says, this concept could be 2022 years earlier by the user called part of the passenger car fleet.
This is a strategy similar to Daimler’s Car2Go car-sharing strategy, except that the French brand’s ez-go concept can accommodate six passengers. Daimler’s self-driving smart vision EQ concept, launched last fall, applies only to two drivers.
Although the city’s ez-go has a top speed of only 30 MPH, ez-go is characterized by an electric powertrain that powers the rear wheels. The four-wheel drive vehicle is maneuverable in the city. From the bumper to the bumper, the ez-go is a large vehicle the size of a mercedes-benz s-class sedan.
Internally, its sofa seating arrangement puts all six passengers in a semicircular position, and the carmaker says it invites “joy”. Instead of a side door, it has a huge hinged front door that allows passengers to walk on board instead of gliding like a regular car. The ez-go interior looks more like a small city bus than a limousine with an upright seat and a luggage belt.
Like Smart, Renault envisages a car sharing future that may not include ownership of private cars. The carmaker said it had developed a mobile app that would allow its car-sharing users to call ez-go at the tap on the screen.
Renault’s details of its sharing plan are rare, but the carmaker says it aims to share vehicles on demand for 2022, which can meet the requirements of the four-level autonomous driving. The goal may not sound ambitious, given that Renault’s mitsubishi alliance has been testing self-driving ride-sharing services in Japan.
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The 2019 Toyota corolla hatchback, or Auris in European markets, debuted at the Geneva international motor show on Tuesday. The car has a clean-cut look, while Japan’s car maker is doubling down on the popular compact sedan.

The corolla hatchcover will have only one conventional internal combustion engine: 1.2 liter turbocharged inline 4 cylinders in 2019. The other two engines use Toyota hybrid technology. They are a 1.8-liter engine with engines that produce 122 horsepower, and a new 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder hybrid engine can be powered by 180 horsepower. Toyota says the 1.8-liter engine has all the features of a consumer’s favorite brand hybrid system – smooth and quiet operations and low ownership costs. Diesel fans will have to look elsewhere.
The new 2.0-liter hybrid engine, which carries a 1.8-liter engine, makes full use of Toyota’s TNGA structure, which is the basis for the new camry and prius. Toyota said it would offer a “dynamic” driving experience that would be more attractive and fun to drive without discussing specific details. We know that the new powertrain also has a 40 percent thermal efficiency. Carola will also have a shift dial.
The design marks a noticeable improvement over the previous corolla hatchback, with a sharper headlight and a lower “two-body” grille similar to the recent Toyota design. The low profile of the new hatchback is also due to the TGNA architecture. Designers and engineers say the lower center of gravity provides a wider, lower look, while retaining the inner space.
Despite the fact that in 2019 the corolla hatch was actually 1.5 inches in length, it was more rounded and more compact in the rear. A more eye-catching rear windshield rake and fender butt can also make the hatch cover more planted.
It is not clear whether Toyota plans to ship the carola door to the United States in 2019, but if it does expect it to continue to use the carola iM nameplate. The former corolla hatch came to the United States as Scion iM, but after the Scion brand died, it changed its name to Toyota corolla iM.
As for the new corolla, Toyota should close the car later this year or later.
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