Esteban Ocon thinks the Indian forces are close to red bull.


Montreal, Spain – despite the quiet start of the winter season, Esteban Ocon believes the Indian forces are similar to the red bulls in pre-season testing.
Ocon completed 130 laps on Wednesday, as the Indian forces achieved a productive day, but he completed the 12th of the 14 drivers in a single lap. Team finished at least in the opening weeks of lap, and rarely in Barcelona in any one season the team’s number one command, but Ocon said the team at this stage not to chase performance.
“We are satisfied with what we have achieved,” he said. “130 laps, that’s what we need, we understand a lot today, and there’s a lot to analyze, but this journey will give us more insight.
“We are not engaged in work performance, we learn more about the car, to understand how to make cars and balanced feel comfortable, and for a longer time to know more about our work, we have made some good results, so we are very happy.
While the team has yet to show the real potential of approaching VJM11, the Ocon has high hopes for a team that has finished the rest of the season in the past two seasons with Mercedes, ferrari and red bull.
“[copy] is our goal, we will see our location in Melbourne, this is the most important, is a beautiful day today, in our belts and long distance looks promising, not far from the red bull. Very happy. ”
When told of the red bulls Daniel – ricardo in Wednesday’s game with the Catalan track record on the record at the top, Ocon smiled and said: “I know they are P1, you’ll see it.
Ocon will return to the race on the final day of the test, and his teammate sergio perez will start the race on Thursday.
Montreal, Spain – Daniel ricardo’s sixth day of pre-season testing created a new single-lap track record for the Catalan circuit, which led to another setback for McLare.
Ricardo 1:18.047 is the fastest test date ever, surpassing the 1:18.339 record that felipe massa created in the 2008 test. Spanish grand prix last year Hamilton pole faster for a second time, held on the same track, shows the perfect benefit of new asphalt track, the car and pirelli new mixture of natural development.
In addition to the release of the fastest time, ricardo also released the highest personal lap record, finishing his production at 165 times over the weekend. World champions Mercedes Benz beyond this day, even though Mr Lewis Hamilton and anwar tillie botha merged the relationship between the 172 points, although Renault first by carlos thain and nico hu kinberg completed 190 points.
For the second day in a row, McLnke found himself at the other end of the odometer. Woking’s team had a good start, and quickly accumulated 47 laps, leaving the car all morning only halfway through fernando alonso’s problem. The oil spill should be blamed, although it has nothing to do with the engine, but McLaren decided to replace it.
“It has nothing to do with the engine,” explains Eric Boullier, McLaren’s director. “This is a small leak, we have to unfortunately means that the car engine died, so now we have to replace the engine, they want to check the engine obviously, and then put in more mileage,” it will be another three hours.

Three hours later it was six and a half, and alonso came out of the garage 13 minutes from the end of the day. Although alonso added seven laps of his name before the chequered flag, the team still had less than three figures in overall mileage during the second test this week.
The Mercedes pair of Hamilton and bothas are the only drivers to finish in a second of the ricard’s heading time. Hamilton was behind Ritchie with 0.353 seconds after the super soft tyre, although pirelli was expected to reach a high of 1:17 at the end of the test.
Instead of risking a tyre on the softer end of the pirelli series, ferrari has spent a long time on medium and flexible compound tires and enjoyed a productive day. Sebastian vettel took over the ill-fitting raikkonen in the morning before returning to the cockpit in the afternoon of the 2007 world championships after the Italian team finished 102 times in the morning. The lack of running on the most tired tires means that ferrari has not yet hinted at the actual performance of sf71-h, although it has two more days to do so.
The fifth player, Bradley hartley, has played 116 times on his first day at toro rosso since the start of the season last Tuesday. He clambered onto the order after 10 minutes of shut-down on a super soft tyre. The new zealanders had rotated for a short time before lunch, and his racing car stopped at the end of the pit stop in the afternoon because of the electrical shutdown, but his running was not visibly hampered.


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