2021 audi e-tron GT: audi EV based on porsche.


Why it matters: no one knows when the world will power, but when the audi sports company does that, they want to be ready. The e-tron GT combines the flexibility of audi’s sports products with that of electric mute.
Platform: e-tron GT and Porsche Mission e sharing platform; It is an independent pure electrical architecture. In porsche, it should have a quick charging capability – 80 per cent of battery capacity in 15 minutes – and audi has no reason not to. The platform can also be moved to bentley and lamborghini.
What it is: Stephan Winkelmann, the outgoing chief executive of audi sports, confirmed this week that audi sports – formerly known as Quattro GmbH – will launch all-electric models by the end of the decade. Although he failed to provide more details, but we know he was talking about this is a low, powerful four EV, and porsche Mission E (J1) internal code sharing, and internally called E – tron GT audi sport development.
This is a futuristic hatchback, which is probably even lower than our renderings suggest, and is super powerful, and can last up to 155 miles or more. The e-tron GT will obviously be a member of the e-tron family, but it will obviously be more mobile than the e-tron Quattro, which is not mechanically related.
Power system: we expect the e-tron GT’s all-electric powertrain to generate about 600 horsepower. There will be multiple single-speed drives to transfer torque to two axle shafts.
Competition: mercedes-benz AMG GT 4, porsche Panamera Turbo S, tesla Model S, other high-performance electric or conventional powered cars.
Expected arrival and price: the audi e-tron GT will debut in late 2020. Pricing is far from certain, but it is expected to fetch more than $100,000. What it is: Volkswagen’s third-generation touareg SUV is completely undisguised in the outdoor photo shoot before its official debut. More than a decade after Touareg went on sale in America, we still feel the need to remind readers how to pronounce correctly. Say “tw-are-egg”, see? It’s not that hard.
Why it matters: this is tricky. Volkswagen has told us it will not bring the new touareg to the us, which has been a clear sales trigger since 2003. (the model stopped production in 2018.) Even in crossovers, sales are soaring, attractive, and the luxury vw is losing money on the dealer market. As the saying goes, the tide lifts all boats, but other attractive touarets are sunk by their pricing.
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Selling vw suvs for porsche or audi has proved difficult, especially when porsche and audi sell heavy models of the same suvs. Cayenne and Q7 both share a base with touareg and some engines. In 2017, the purchase of the new touareg will actually cost more than the new audi Q7. This is ridiculous. However, if only the public will be able to figure out how to sell it here about $15000, so the new touareg could theoretically and from nissan Murano, ford Edge and jeep grand Cherokee mainstream two rows of off-road SUV car manufacturers competition. The outgoing model.
Platform: however, it could be very difficult to sell the touareg for less than $50,000. Like its predecessor, the new model shares the architecture with Q7 and Cayenne – this is the second MLB platform. At least in terms of visual evaluation, touareg is as attractive as the brothers and sisters of the luxury bust in 2019. The overall look is cleaner and more expensive than the previous model, and there is a surprising Bentley Bentayga dose in the configuration file. Once again, ultra-luxury suvs use the MLB platform – the new lamborghini Urus.
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Powertrain: an estimated four cylinder and six cylinder the power, the public unparalleled turbocharged 2.0 -liter inline four-cylinder engine and the audi Q7 3.6 -liter naturally aspirated V – 6 or supercharged 3.0 -liter V6 engine for higher specifications of the models. The plug-in hybrid will carry a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, embedded in a gearbox and a lithium-ion battery. Touareg despite the U.S. market for a long time did not provide diesel, and the public’s U.S. team other companies may no longer provide it again, thanks to the company’s emissions scandal – the global market there will be 4 or 6 cylinder diesel engine.
Competition: acura MDX, ford Edge, jeep grand Cherokee, lexus RX350, nissan murano.
Expected arrival and price: never, even if it makes too much money. The us market is expected to get a more expensive two-tier version of atlas, replacing the two rows. Between the compact Tiguan and the three-row Atlas, the new SUV will be built on the same production line in Chattanooga, Tennessee, as Atlas, which should be priced around $30,000.


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