The Mercedes AMG extends the GT sports car to four Geneva doors.


At the Geneva motor show on Tuesday, mercedes-benz broke the silence in the AMG GT four-door coupe, known as the “car” outside Germany. Affalterbach breeds sports car can choose GT53 models of the new 429 horsepower and 384 lb-ft 3.0 -liter I6, GT63 577 horsepower or 630 horsepower, 553 lb-ft twin turbo V8, from GT63 likewise V8 model S 627 lb-ft. All get nine speed automatic device. I6 automatically equipped with torque converter; In the Mercedes MCT transmission, the V8s replaces the torque converter with a clutch. All 4Matic full wheel drive. The top speed is 174 miles per hour, GT63 is 193 miles per hour, and GT63 is 195 hours. Short version: speed will not be a problem.
Balancing that speed would be an efficiency. The six get Mercedes’s new EQ Boost starter/generator, which can add 21 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of space in a short period of time, as well as a 48-volt power system. The V8 version is equipped with AMG cylinder management system, which can be used to save fuel by using up to four cylinders. We don’t know how much fuel there is because we don’t have EPA data.
Mercedes called it the first four-door sports car. It follows the company’s “sensory purity” design concept, with a long cover with two electric domes, a new grill with a low greenhouse, and a “shark nose” front bumper. As with the sloping rear window, the window frame extends the outline. Both front and rear lights are slender, with an extended spoiler at the back.
The body is developed with the company’s racing car, using the motor vehicle analysis and simulation methods to enhance the structure required for “maximum performance”. In the middle and tail, Mercedes USES carbon fiber reinforced plastics to reduce weight and increase stiffness, giving “the best foundation for high lateral dynamic potential”.
All the AMG GT four doors have adaptive damping. The I6 comes with a steel spring, while V8 carries the company’s multi-compartment air suspension. Mercedes also added that the electronic control of the post-lock differential (GT63 and GT63 S, not available on GT53), used new rebar installations to reduce noise, vibration and unsmoothness. The 4Matic plus AWD system USES an electromechanical control clutch to connect the front rear axle. According to the driver’s input, the system changes the torque according to the need. Like the E63 AMG, GT four enters the drift mode and all the power is sent backwards. Drift mode is standard configuration on S, GT63 is optional, American GT53 is not available.

In addition, the V8 model goes with the rear wheels and USES the same Settings as the rest of the new variety. At low speed, the rear wheel points in the opposite direction to tighten the turning radius. At higher speeds, they move in the same direction to increase the stability of the two electric actuator motors.
Like all good AMG, GT four models equipped with slide used for comfortable, sport, sport plus and the driving mode of the race, can affect the steering, power application, gearbox and traction control. As you turn the knob in the direction of rotation, you will gain more power, a faster shift, and fewer security system interventions.
As for the most important safety system, Mercedes brakes, you have covered. The rear of the V8 model has six piston front calipers and single piston floating calipers. GT63 obtained red clamp and GT63 S turned yellow. The GT53 has a smaller disc, but still has six pistons in the silver calipers. The ceramic brake is made of bronze. There are 19,20 or 21 inch AMG wheels around these brakes.
From the four corners to internal transfer, GT four acquired a new steering wheel, a control device for information entertainment and driving mode, turbine vents (e.g., two-door accessories), two 12.3 -inch widescreen display screen and is usually a central controller, action. A program called AMG Track Pace can keep your lap time, check your sprint time and record your horizontal and vertical gravity.
In other places, the purchaser will receive a series of Mercedes, including leather or microfiber chair diamond quilting, carbon fiber or brushed metal trim and the rear seat between administrative rear seat suit, with a touch screen to provide dynamic data call by AMG menu, control the ambient lighting or regulating climate control and seat heaters.
The first batch of AMG GT four cars went on sale in early 2019; The GT53, which carries the I6, will be released later next year.


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