How to choose the best TV streaming device for you?


To get your TV to play video via apps like Netflix and Hulu, you need a streaming device. However, amazon, Google, apple, Roku and other companies have so many encrypted dogs and TV boxes, how do you choose the best one for you? In this tutorial, we will mystify these devices so that you can understand exactly what you are getting and which products are best suited for your streaming needs.
Choose a platform
Perhaps the most important choice you need to make is the software you like: like a mobile phone or a laptop, streaming devices have their own operating system. So you should choose a platform that meets two criteria: it must play your favorite content and work with the devices you already have.
For example, if you want to watch programs and movies purchased from iTunes, you need the only device that can use the software: 4K Apple TV (amazon $150). If you’re fully committed to the apple ecosystem – you rely on a Mac or an iPhone, you need this option. In addition to Google Play, it can Play video from Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix and many other third-party services.
On the other hand, Android users should prefer devices such as 4K Nvidia Shield ($180 or more) running the Android TV operating system. This works best for android-based video applications, from YouTube to Plex, although you can’t play your iTunes content. The Android TV handle also synchronizes playlists and other data on Google apps that you use on other devices.
GuGe’s Chromecast is an interesting case, because unlike other devices we’ve mentioned so far, it doesn’t rely on built-in applications. Instead, you can send music or video to the device via your phone or laptop. The good news is that almost every video and audio app on iOS and Android operating systems (from Hulu to GuGe Play music, only iTunes content is not available) applies to Chromecast. Although has the flexibility, Chromecast can still play the best results in Google ecosystem, because you can use Google Home host control functions, such as “OK to Google, showed me Netflix strange things!” Such as the order.
Also, you can match the Amazon Fire TV bar or box with the Amazon Echo speaker, which can also be used with Prime Video and Amazon Music Unlimited. However, the very impressive 4K amazon Fire TV box ($50) has no official YouTube app. If you want to share your favorite channel, you must load the video in your browser instead. In addition, you cannot watch the content of iTunes or GuGe Play.

To avoid all these operating systems, try a more neutral option. Devices from Roku, such as Roku Streaming Stick + ($60 on amazon), are unbiased against apple, Google or the amazon ecosystem. It can play content from Google, amazon, YouTube, Netflix and many other sites, but it can’t be used with iTunes.
In general, before you commit to the platform, check to see if you can run the required application on this streaming device. Boxes and encrypted dogs regularly add and remove supported applications based on transactions between the parent company. Amazon Prime video, for example, was launched only last year on Apple TV. Be sure to check the device’s online list, which should highlight the list of applications that allow you to use.
As of this year, for example, most streaming devices boasted of their support for 4K resolution. This ability has become the current visual standard, which means you should choose 4K devices to ensure that the products you buy meet future requirements. Fortunately, most of the boxes and crypto dogs support this solution – only the older hardware (such as the second generation Chromecast ($35)) lacks 4K support. We recommend that you upgrade to the current high-end Chromecast Ultra ($70) for higher resolution options.
Another term you might see is HDR, which represents a high dynamic range. This visual feature improves the color range of the image and provides a better balance between the light and dark areas of the image. While it’s not as important as 4K, the display looks better with this feature. However, in order for the technology to work properly, you need to support HDR streaming devices, applications, and TVS or displays.
As you read these gadgets, you may encounter additional small bonus functions. Take the Roku Ultra ($100 amazon) – it includes a headphone port on the remote, so you can watch it on a larger screen without interrupting anyone. These options vary from device to device, so be sure to study them carefully to find them. Roku Ultra (


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