The new Volvo S60 is previewed in the summer.


Volvo S60 will be produced in a new factory in south Carolina, said hakan amuelsson, the brand’s boss.
A shot previews the S60– the first time BMW’s 3-series rivals have been sold since the V60, but before the end of the year. The plant, a new plant in south Carolina, will start building S60 by the end of 2018, although the plant itself has been under development since January 2016. All S60 will be built at the plant, which has a maximum capacity of 100,000 vehicles per year. The next XC90 will also be built there.
Unlike the V60, the S60 will not appear at the Geneva motor show, but will be shown later. While Volvo is still nervous, it is likely to be released in the summer, given the heavy camouflage of the car in the picture. It will be built on the same extensible product architecture (SPA) as other large Volvo cars and V60.
In V60, the “multi-functional” real estate version of S60 was leaked in advance to launch the Geneva motor show, showing the side Windows and rear styling of the car. The front styling of S60 and V60 may be the same. The leaked images first appeared on the bosnian website AutoMotoSvijet.
In the development of car of the lens, the design of its V60 clearly seen through the heavy camouflage, apparently by Volvo’s former design director – now the Polestar of chief executive Thomas Ingenlath design of the large Volvo series models.

The specification will be the same as the XC60, the Momentum specification at the entry level and the r-design Pro specification at the top. The inscription will be in the middle. Engine with its V60-148 BHP or 187 BHP D3 and D4 engine and 242 BHP T5 match the gasoline engine, the engine will be made by the range of 335 BHP T6 twin engine plug-in and T4 gasoline engine in the late life cycle.
The security suite will also match the XC60, meaning that when it goes public in early 2019, it will probably be the safest car in the class. In the XC60, the safest car ever to be tested in the European NCAP, 95% of the total was achieved last year. It is equipped with a more advanced safety system than Euro NCAP is currently testing on cars.
The price of S60 is expected to rise from 30,000 pounds, less than the price of $6,000 for the XC60 in the entry-level 2.0 D4 Momentum specification. This has increased by more than 5,000 pounds compared with the previous model, but Volvo’s high-end market and its previous S60 production run have taken up space. By contrast, the XC90 is more than 13,000 pounds more expensive than the entry level V90.
With the launch of Volvo’s purchase plan, called Care, Volvo is a model that will likely be rolled out in other products, including V60, starting with the XC40.
While the V60 Cross Country variant is a production shoe, this is not an indication of the follow-up to the S60 suvs, which only changed in 34 years after the company stopped production in the UK in 2016.
Although in the field of car sales slowing, but sales of the Volvo S60 accelerated over the past three years – since 2015, the sales volume increased by about one-third, to sales to 1628 vehicles in the UK in 2017. That is about 55 percent higher than last year’s decline of 2,956 vehicles, although last year the xc60-volvo sold 16,302 midsize suvs for just 10 percent.


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