McLaren may return to le mans with senna.


McLaren has set out to be very clear about its latest Ultimate series, the senna race. The daily sports car reports that the le mans’ senna GTE car is about to be exposed and may run at the world endurance championships (WEC) in 2019. Obviously, we will see the car at next week’s Geneva motor show.
The McLare finally competed with formula one GTR in 1998, and the company’s new boss, zach brown, had previously said he wanted to return to the 24-hour endurance classic. Senna GTE will be part of a complete factory plan that may include porsche, ford, aston Martin and BMW. Sportscar365 reports that while McLaren is likely to enter WEC, it is not clear that it will be involved in the us IMSA WeatherTech series.
Senna itself is a strong expression of the return of McLare. With the balance of performance, today all top gran turismo theory has entered a very similar power-to-weight ratio match, making like ferrari and BMW 488 M8 different models can exist in a game of equality. Since power and weight are largely excluded, the GT team’s competitors have two separate zones – aerodynamics, with a smaller weight distribution.
Ford explored this aspect with GT, which specifically designed the best aerodynamic characteristics of WEC or IMSA WeatherTech. Porsche was the first to respond directly to ford’s new 911 RSR, giving up its post-9/11 rear engine layout and switching to mid-engine. This allows the porsche to radically improve the aerodynamics of the RSR and equip it with a new diffuser, otherwise it will have an engine.

From this point of view, it is clear that McLaren is trying to agree with senna. The company says the car aims to be the ultimate road racing legal car, and its wild air is designed to make it dominant on the track. Conveniently, this should make senna a damned GTE, given the technical rules.
It sounds like we’ll learn more about McLaren’s plans next week. We can’t wait to see what the company has in store. It’s hard to imagine many racing said McLaren P1 as crazy, but before the P15 called McLaren racing, now called senna, legend of triple F1 champion after his death in 1994, it is.
“We can’t push P1 because we have to make it work on the road,” says Andy palmer of McLaren’s Ultimate series driver. This is McLaren representative real fast, expensive, and he called it an indecisive chariots of P1, you may remember that a 903 horsepower monster in less than three seconds is up to 60 miles per hour, and there are so many air, you can be filled with helium, it will still be like solid billet hewn thing glued to the ground.
Of course there are P1 GTR, but this is not legal on the road. Senna is a certified road race car – although only the lamborghini Urus is an suv. “You can use it on the road,” Mr. Palmer admits, “but everything about it is focused on cutting the lap time.”


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