Colcastel is set to debut in the Las Vegas race for the first time with rick clean.


Thomas, north Carolina (RWR) – rick will racing team officials today confirmed that the nazca alumni cole’s next castle will be in Las Vegas on March 2 to 4 circuit debut Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series (MENCS).
Custer, a veteran of the rana ranch in California, will be driving the team’s no. 51 ford Fusion, while attending the NASCAR Xfinity series’ Stewart haas race.
Haas Automation, the us maker of CNC machine tools, will continue to support Custer and will be the main sponsor of the RWR 51 in the March 4 race.
Custer started his racing career at the age of four and was successful in various forms of racing. The 20-year-old has proven himself to be a winner, from the gnome playoffs to the later models to the NASCAR camp world truck series and the Xfinity series.
Some of Custer’s NASCAR credits include becoming Gateway (Ill). Motorsports Park’s youngest ever truck series champion. After five games, he won the NASCAR national tour in the NASCAR national tour in the New Hampshire circuit for the first time in 16 years and 28 days.

Custer also track at home – Miami in the final of the 2017 season has made his first career victory Xfinity series, 38 times in his career Xfinity series, at the beginning of his career he’s leading the 200 tournament in 182 games.
“It was the dream of the cup series,” said castor. “I can’t thank Rick Ware Racing and haas automation for the opportunity to compete in Las Vegas. It’s going to be a whole new experience for me, but I think we can get a big day by completing all the winding Numbers and seeing the square flags. ”
He is the mainstay of the sport’s 27-year history, and Custer is a superstar, thanks for the opportunity to work with him.
“I’ve been watching cole for a long time and he’s a very good young man,” weil says. “Over the years, cole has developed into a racing driver with a fast pace and a fine tempo.
“The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup series is one of the greatest car drivers in the world, and Cole is absolutely fit for this category. I think our expectations as a team are realistic and achievable. It’s our top priority to get cole to take part in the chequered flag. ”
Custer had two career starts in Las Vegas – a truck series and a Xfinity series. He finished third in the 2016 truck series and won the 11th place in the Xfinity series in 2018.
RWR announced in December last year, they have a franchise, Richard petty racing team to ensure that the team not only into the Daytona 500 track, but also will be held in 2018, the remaining 35 games Monster Energy NASCAR Cup series.


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