The SA cross-country series roars 400 in LICHTENBURG


The cars than at ford, Neil Woolridge Motorsport (NWM) and new jointly sponsors Puma Lubricants on March 31 and April 1 in lehi rastenburg 400 team in the game kicks off in 2017, this is the first round of the South African motocross game series (SACCS) provided by the Total support.

The ford NWM puma lubricating oil team is taking part in three RACES at the t-level production vehicle championship, which is expected to produce one of the most competitive seasons.

“It was an exciting year for puma lubricants as a co-sponsor, and three cars were in the series,” said Neil Woolridge, head of the NWM team. “Since the last game at the end of October last year, it’s a long season, but we’ve been working hard behind the scenes, producing two brand-new ford rangers, rebuild and update the third car.

“Our pre-season test showed that last year we made significant improvements to the ford rangers, and we expect to be super competitive from the start,” wooldridge said. “We have also spent a lot of time in fitness and training to ensure that players are in the best physical and mental state of the season.”

Gareth Woolridge and Boyd Dreyer (T77) are still young players in this team, and now they are playing for the third consecutive season in the T team. After the fourth game of last year, gareth and Boyd are expected to win the elusive girls’ game and are expected to be a consistent frontrunner.

They joined the reunion of Lance Woolridge and Ward Huxtable (T34). Lance rose to prominence in the local series in 2016, but came second in the overall ranking of Brazil’s Rally dosSertoes. Ward ended his year with a tough second place at NWM Ford Ranger’s local t-level championship, and the two men will take advantage of their experience and maturity to challenge the glory.

The exciting new members of the team are the former team of Henk Lategan and Barry White (T17). Although it will be their first time to compete across the country, they are eager to compete in the powerful V8 engine ford Ranger. There is no denying that they face a steep learning curve because of the endurance race of the off-road race, compared with the short duration of the special race. They must also be in greater and greater in the ford ranger found themselves in the foot, but as the season progressed, their experience in local and international rally is likely to quickly adapt and become a strong competitor.

On Friday, March 31, dirt start flying, this series adopts the brief qualifying circulation, on April 1, to determine the original position of the main event on Saturday – which includes two game loop, the total length is about 350 kilometers, is divided into 20 minutes for service.

“Qualifying is much shorter than last year, so it’s more important to have a clean race and ensure a good starting position,” Woolridge said. “Although the car, there will be 2 minutes gap between but by lehi rastenburg farmland, the dust is still a problem, this is a quick, everyone is eager to open throughout the year with a win.”

The competition headquarters and service park are located in the lichtenburg arena in the suburbs of the town, where visitors can enter the area free of charge and all the scenic spots along the way.


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