GITTIN has won the ULTRA4 class 4500 and Z427 crate engines.


DEARBORN – Saturday at Renault NV NV4 qualifying tournament, Vaughn win after leading his qualifying, and then use the momentum in sold out in the crowd with Brocky scored a total of 4500 victory! This is the second largest in the Ultra4 race, and the top talent in the country can compete. The game will be broadcast on NBC in the near future.

“We worked hard, took risks and won, and I was still learning about bruch’s abilities and adapting to every turn in this very challenging discipline.” Vaughan. “I like it very much progress in four games in short time, the atmosphere of these events and Formula Drift are very similar, because before the start of the flags and match, the friendship between the contestants is very good, it makes it so interesting! ”

Based on the most powerful aluminum block in the ford performance catalog.

Z427 is made of high-performance parts of the first-class after-sales market companies such as Mahle, SCAT, Clevite, COMP, PAC, Fel-Pro, etc.

The engine is ideal for street rods, kits, and all ford projects that require high power, with reliable quality and light weight.

“The power and torque of ford Performance Z427 stood out in this highly demanding match. I have to be very cussed to get ahead, and in a field full of high-emission LS engines, it feels good to show everyone a very impressive and reliable substitute! ”

“The engine has been proven in the Drifting, has now been confirmed in Ultra 4, 600 HP, and less than $16 k to transcend such huge torque, especially those that can be out of the box car. “


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