Nokia revealed ‘unbending’ 8 Sirocco and Matrix 8110.


Nokia’s product lineup increased a known as it is almost impossible to bend by hand Android smartphone, and a more simple slide model, it plays a role of nostalgia in the 1990 s.

The flagship nokia 8 Sirocco adopted the steel framework and claimed to be one of the most difficult models on the market.

At the same time, the 8110 revived the famous phone design and name in the Matrix movie.

Analysts say they should all be built on one of last year’s big success stories.

Although the devices used nokia’s name, they were actually made by Finnish start-up HMD Global.

On the mobile world congress in 2017, the company launched retro 3310 feature phones and more powerful machines caused a sensation when it seems to be in this weekend in Barcelona in this year’s event tried to repeat the trick.

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“Last year was about restarting nokia’s smartphone business,” commented Ian Fogg, a technology consultancy.

“HMD started shipping around the world in the last seven months of 2017, but in the meantime it has delivered more than 8 million smartphones.

“That means it’s already ahead of HTC in terms of Numbers, before SONY, before lenovo – all brands didn’t exit the market.”

The company said at its news conference that it had sold 70 million phones in 2017.

Steel body

Sirocco runs the “pure” version of the Android Oreo. By contrast, most competitors tend to have their own “skin” proprietary user interface, which is often a source of criticism.

However, the new phones did introduce nokia’s professional camera mode for users, which requires complete manual control.

The decision to use the steel frame is similar to apple’s iPhone X, but the price is significantly lower. Sirocco will spend 749 euros ($921) in April. 659 pounds.

Ben Wood of CCS Insight, a consultancy, says: “history shows that many people like to put their phones in their back pockets, which tends to deform them.

“So it’s a smart move to help their products stand out.”

Choosing to use a qualcomm 835 processor instead of an update, the more powerful 845 might block some consumers.

Although both to be able to run the game and other applications, but the latter promises to provide a higher degree of future-oriented applications, and allows some of the adoptee introduced their new features.

This means that nokia’s marketing is more likely to focus on the industrial design of the device than on its functionality.

“HMD hope to prove it to its flagship product apart from the rest of the Android mobile phone, and prove that it can manufacture high-end phones – and not just” cheap “, “Creative Strategies consultancy, Carolina Milanesi commented.

“It’s not just about using vintage brands.”

Banana phone

HMD also introduced three other Android phones, but they are likely to be covered by 8110.

This is a feature phone, which means it can only run a small number of applications on the Kai operating system.

These include Google’s smart assistant, Google maps and Facebook, but not Twitter, Snapchat or WhatsApp.

The 8110 adopted curved design – which led to the original nickname of the banana cell phone – and a sliding keyboard cover.

Unlike in the sci-fi movie “the matrix,” the cover does not move by itself, but must be moved manually.

The company told the BBC it was a deliberate decision to be truly original. But one expert said it could be as high as 79 euros ($97). (69) the price tag is concerned.

“You might say they missed a trick because it doesn’t have a spring loaded,” says Ben Wood of CCS Insight, a consultancy.

“But the reality is that if you need to build a phone for a particular price, the complexity of the machine can make it too expensive.

“People are kind of nostalgic, and what’s important is that it’s 4G, which means it’s more widely used than the network operator, which was only 2G at the beginning of last year’s 3310.”


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