Tech Tent: battle with robots.


After a school in Florida mass shootings, conspiracy theorists and some other trolls harassed survivors, they spread the people who speak control guns is the story of the actor.

Twitter account security emphasized the action taken by the company is then revealed it is using its so-called against spam and against misuse of tools, to eliminate “malicious automation” – robots can forward thousands of misuse of information, enlarge its influence.

In other words, social media companies and the troll forces that it is fighting are deploying you may be described as autonomous weapons of machine learning progress. Following the indictment of 13 russians, Twitter has begun to take root in botany programs linked to Russia. The russians believe the russians created fake accounts to fight the war in the United States.

This means that one of the scenarios described in this week’s report on potential malicious use of artificial intelligence has been achieved.

One of the global experts behind the report, from the survival risk research center at the university of Cambridge Haydn bell anfield told us that he called in the democratic process support interference of artificial intelligence is one of their main concern.

“What we are particularly concerned about is the destruction of democracy and the destruction of what we believe in our fellow citizens and what is happening in the world.”

Advances in machine learning, combined with software that makes false statements and video, are giving new tools to those with malicious intent.

“It’s very cheap and easy, and it really undermines the ability to continue to engage in democratic dialogue in society.”

Don’t smart

But does Twitter’s army of robots really become an example of artificial intelligence – whether it’s widely defined – or is it a threat, as claimed?

Samantha Bradshaw, a researcher at the Oxford Internet institute’s computing advocacy programme, is more sceptical. She told us that Twitter finds it easy to automate, and that zombie creators are paying attention.

“We see a lot of bot developers out of the automation domain, and they integrate automation and human strategy,” she said. This means that they will post new comments and automatically forward them to show that there is a “real person” behind the account.

While Russia has focused on Russia in this wave of computing and other types of cyber warfare, one expert has told us that we should be more concerned about north Korea.

Dmitri Alperovitch, a russian-born American cybersecurity entrepreneur who founded Crowdstrike, first identified Russia’s involvement in hacking the Democratic Party. But he told us that north Korea has spent 15 years to establish cyberwarfare capabilities, including “broke into hundreds of millions of dollars in financial institutions and steal, and took about regime in SONY pictures after important film about film on the hacker attacks.

What seems unusual is that a country so poor and so closed should be able to pose a serious cyber threat to the world’s technological superpower.

“Anyone who can build a nuclear weapon can do cyberattacks,” explains Mr Alperovitch, an asymmetric war that is easier to attack than attack.

Cyber warfare technology and artificial intelligence have made great strides in recent years. Linking these two areas may bring new threats to our security, which we cannot imagine today.


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