Cullinan: what’s behind the name of Rolls-Royce’s new SUV?


As the auto industry has long known, Rolls-Royce’s high side cars (not called suvs) will be named Cullinan; Rolls-Royce confirmed the fact this week.

So who or what is Cullinan?

Sir Thomas cooley, the south was a landlord oligarchs (South Africa), he of Pretoria in South Africa in the early 20th century modern operating outside the prime minister, mines, where he found a huge diamond. The 3,106.75carat Cullinan diamond was discovered in 1905, making it the largest diamond ever mined. The diamond was eventually broken down into nine small diamonds, some of which were made into British royal brooches and crowns. The largest of the nine, named the African star, is still listed as the largest cut diamond in the sceptre, with a weight of 530.2 carats and a length of 2.32 inches.

Rolls Royce company launched a new “high side car,” is its name from the diamond, as if trying to regain its former empire charm, also be associated with the mystery of the world’s largest the mysterious atmosphere of the diamond.

Torsten muller-otvos, chief executive of Rolls-Royce, said of the Cullinan name: “we have been inspired by an epic process that has been around for thousands of years, and it has entered the creation of Cullinan diamonds. “This name embodies many aspects of our new dynamic vehicle commitment, and it faces the greatest stress of demonstrating endurance and absolute solidity; It tells the story of rarity and rarity, which hints at Charles lawes’ pioneering and adventurous spirit. And Sir Henry Royce’s engineering innovation; Of course, no matter where you venture in the world, it says absolutely luxury. ”

Normally, such a legend, the Cullinan diamond production and its Premier’s actual history is not so attractive: Premier mine working conditions at that time was known as the “extravagant and wasteful life and health”, and the Cullinan mine workers in the mortality rate is very high, and in the Transvaal colonies and other modern South Africa in other parts of the mine.

From the perspective of modern brands and marketing, is there a problem? The story of bleaching and disinfecting behind a diamond is a good story in itself, but the name recognition factor can be easily pronounced in different countries and thus has a backseat effect. In Beijing, SUV buyers in Moscow and dubai may not be surprised by the actual history of South African diamond mining, and most people don’t even hear about it.

One advantage is that it has a striking number of relatively new rolls of Rolls-Royce cars, and it is not a silver thing, rather than a variant of the word, like a phantom. Not long ago, Rolls-Royce’s lineup was filled with almost identical vehicles, including Silver Spur III, Silver Spirit, Silver Dawn or Silver Spur II. It is also no longer a supernatural ghost, in stark contrast to the current apparition, the phantom and the spectre.

Does Cullinan trigger a whole new series… High-end vehicles, until we see Cullinans II, III and IV, until 2052 when the flying car takes over the market? In view of the BMW group and its parent company for X5 to create new names such as sports activity vehicles (SAV) unique history, it could be a dislike of acronym SUV, Rolls-Royce therefore become richer discussion topic.


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