The Mitsuoka Himiko is the best Morgan-styled Miata you can buy


Miata owner: you want your steed to look more like a morgon 8 and have a longer wheelbase? If you live in Japan or Britain, you will soon make this dream… Reality: kogang began selling its new generation of humble pie next month, to those hoping for the exact change in stock Miata.

Light, of course, is a Japanese manufacturer of high-quality goods of modern automotive modern cars with gm in the 50 s, kind of reminds you some famous auto from one hundred yards from the front fascia famous, like the Morgan aviation 8. Carmakers have seen a lot of business (and nissan’s Micras and Teanas) looking for more wine from the likes of their Miatas, but like Disneyland rides.

The latest version of the bimmik follows the Miata model, but the driver and the passenger door, with the exception of the windshield and A column, is the most visible part of the Miata, the origin of the car. On the front and back, there are many new sheet metal pieces, including the circular rear fascia, round fender and pedals, which we do not recommend. Not all body parts and parts are custom-made. If the headlights don’t know why, there’s another reason: they’re from the current generation of mini cooper. The biggest change, from engineering, is A 26.2-inch wheelbase that is stretched, and all the length is added to the A column to buy the hump. This extra length is about 300 pounds of weight and much worse aerodynamics.

The engine and the gearbox remain the same — the light has not been set to the level of the 1950s. The changes are relatively small, mainly measuring instruments and a new beam of light to the center cover, alcantara maintenance. This means that the buyer can still enjoy the modern infotainment system with a screen mounted on the dashboard.

Given the balance between the current Miata and the fiat 124 spider, we are interested to know that a comfortable wheelbase has been dealt with, everything, and the aerodynamics in front of the car. It’s a complete reinvention of the car in the first half of the town, taking pictures, but it’s another theme, high-speed.

Don’t worry, there is no danger that the British prime minister will pose in the States. The most recent dealers in guanggang are in Britain.


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