Daytona Beach, in the game record warning (12) the number and length of the race, Ruian Reed driving his Ford Mustang third completed and Kaz Grala home the company unveiled the fourth series Ford leadership at Daytona International Speedway on Saturday afternoon.

Joey Logano had strong wild horses, leading 27 laps, ready to win the 22 circles collected before the race, and take out a large block, including the other Ford Aric Almirola to lead the four circle. Logano in thirty-fourth and thirty-fifth.

For Reed, the victory of his Daytona continues. Now he has won two games and has won third in his last four attempts.

Kerr JKuster (Cole Custer) to finish fourteenth Stevo Haas (Stewart-Haas) game, and Austen Cindrich (Austin Cindric) is his sixtieth games only a game.

The Xfinity series will continue on Saturday at Rinnai 250 on the Atlanta motorway. The green flag fell at 2 p.m. on FS1.

Ruian Reed, sixteenth Lili diabetes Ford wild horse – complete position: 3.

“Daytona is a race up and down. When you come here, you never know what you’re going to get. Early involved in the chaos of others and tried to recover all day. At the end of the competition, we chose the right route and entered the top 10. Then our leader was destroyed. The next thing is that we are in the first row. I don’t think we have a good car to lead us, but we can do it well. I’m focused on this, and my Ford Mustang has a lot of power. Thanks to Roush Yates, Jack and Lilly diabetes, and all those who support the deal. This is a good way to start this season.

Katz Gralla, twenty-fourth, Ford Mustang – finish position: fourth.

“I have to tell you, man, it feels like the way to my victory.” I think this is the most satisfying game I’ve ever participated in. It was apparently unbelievable to win last year, but we were in the car. We are 29 qualified for this car. We are really ready for the game, and Ford’s strength is very strong among these people. I’m really excited to be able to do it there. I am proud of my friend. It’s going to be an interesting year to run 33 times with these people.

Joy Logno, No. 22 Fitzgerald glider, Ford Mustang – finish position: 34 (accident)

“We’re really working hard, and it’s going to happen at the end of the game.” You’ll see something like that here. There will be a lot of hard work. I hope they won’t collapse, but they start to get down on the track and I’m there. I think I missed it, and then I think every car on the road has my way, so I have a great Fitzgerald Mustang, but sometimes your bug, sometimes you are windshield.

ARIC ALMIROLA, No. 98 Smithfield/DenBeste Water Solutions Ford Mustang – completion position: 35 (accident)

“What happened to Larson?” “he has a good car, and he has many circles, and he has been blocking it all day, and has done a good job.” There he blocked my way and blocked my way, so when I ran to his back, I put him on the 1/4 board on the right rear side, and he started a tank horse slope. I hate this. Our Ford wagon was very fast, and I thought we were going to give us another victory, but unfortunately we didn’t. I’m really proud of everyone in the Stewart Haas race and the Biagi-DenBeste race. They brought some great cars and cars.


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