Volkswagen EV chief negotiators ID concept, the future of electric car program


Volkswagen has invested heavily in electrification, and car makers first brought us the electrified future of the concept of ID at the recent Paris Motor Show. There, we caught up with Christian Senger, Volkswagen’s new electric mobility director, to learn more about ID and the brand’s future EV line-up.
“We want to be a leader in EVs and we want to be the first company to make more than a million EVs and for that we need a truly compelling solution that is the right answer in our minds For the car maker because it addresses some of the core issues of electric cars today.

“Battery costs are improving dramatically. The charging network will increase with its necessary energy density. The range is fixed – No range anxiety. Lower vehicle costs. We will be able to serve this new customer need away from regulations and become the Customer requested electric car. ”
“It’s actually a modular concept.It allows the size of the car ID, which may be a bit small, but also certainly the size of the Passat … or Tiguan, maybe even a bigger car is possible. The electric car is simpler. We can solve the classification combinations A to D [and MEB].

“We want to take advantage of economies of scale so MEB will be the platform for the entire operation and there will definitely be cars of other brands.” Before we had a clear distinction between MQB and MLB, this was the direction of the engine, which is no longer viable in EVs Nobody installed a vertical motor. ”

It is said that Senger said the question now is what is the best architecture that covers the entire Volkswagen portfolio.
“At Volkswagen’s brand, our core mission is to make electric vehicles affordable and affordable, and we also need to do it globally, so we want to use the existing production facilities, so we mainly use traditional materials The mixture – without carbon fiber – is a smart light building, but it is a very comparable car in weight compared to today’s golf. ”

Battery supply

“We are working with suppliers and we will have major production in China, so we need to have facilities in China … Only Chinese battery suppliers can produce or supply batteries for Chinese cars.

Battery Chemistry

While discussing possible battery chemistries, Senger some co but, but said: “Absolutely lithium ion.Chinese enterprises are also using different materials.”
Battery exchange

“We do not think this is the way to go, for a number of reasons. Batteries are the heaviest part of a car. The structure has a huge impact, so when a collision occurs, the battery needs to be fully integrated and removed, not as it sounds simple.

Others in the industry seem to think that battery exchange is not as practical as fast charging. Tesla has opened a single battery exchange station in California to test the popularity of the concept, but customers are likely to give up battery replacement options as customers seem interested in the brand’s free booster.

Dual motor option

Due to the platform’s ideal weight distribution, Senger said it does not require all-wheel drive. However, it is provided as an optional feature.

“MEB will be ready for four-wheel drive, but rear-wheel drive is standard.”

MEB-based motion model

“There is no reason not to do [sports model].”

Senger laughed when someone came up with a small, sporty two-seater. “We’ll end up with the variants we’re working on.”


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