Volkswagen California XXL concept for the first time look


Let’s manage the fanatics of the old Volkswagen campers – the baby is not booked for production, even if given a green light, is named for those who export to the United States. This is because the public has not climbed the Transit / ProMaster / Sprinter fleet and believes the concept is based on the Crafter Transporter chassis. But this thing is too cool, full of these clever features of space utilization, has drawn our attention to the Frankfurt exhibition hall.
Also note that this is not Westfalia’s products, but from Volkswagen’s own internal design department, some of whom must live in small apartments, so familiar with the multi-purpose furniture industry because of its clever touch is designed to do more Subtraction. Although it’s small as a small house, it’s a large vehicle based on the middle of the Crafter series (143.3 “) wheelbase. Its all day skylight ceiling above the standard Crafter high roof, up to 114.2 inches. It also has a permanent projection at the rear, suspended about 10 inches behind the rear bumper on the rear bed (the driver may want to use a detector placed in parallel).

Climb the boat by sliding the side door and you are in the kitchen / dinette area with a pop-up table where the front seats can be rotated. The kitchenette has two 1.8-cubic-foot refrigerators and gas ranges that can be flushed out when not in use, so the area can be used as a countertop. Spices rack with jars to reduce rattles. Separating the fan from the bedroom is a smart bathroom with a folding wash basin sink. By pulling the inside wall just as you would with your own floor, you can enter the interior, just like a drawer, and push the door behind. The entire space, if you like, use water heated by a boiler on the boat to turn into a shower. The large side windows on the back are open and provide an integrated sliding screen with sliding shades.

The picnic table is folded up and placed in a slot under the floor of the fan and slides out of the steps as you enter. Two collapsible seats rest behind the aft hatch. The space inside the cabin can also be accessed from the bed. At bedtime, the missing portion of the back mattress is deployed from its stowage point at the back of the bathroom to form a bed of approximately 6.5 feet x 4 feet. Few children can sleep above the front seats and fan areas, slide the back half of the mattress back onto the track, and install a small extension to allow more room for a taller child or legs space. The main bed size here is more than 5 feet by 4 feet.
All interior lighting (including sky blinds off) and infotainment (including projector TV in the rear bedroom) have a clear contemporary feel.
Calif.’s name originated in Volkswagen, a Westfalia-equipped camper since 1988, and continues today with VW campers, built on the T5 Multivan platform, which itself is the descendant of our late Eurovan. (DaimlerChrysler bought Westfalia in 2001, marking the beginning of the Volkswagen-Westphalian campers, and Chrysler shrugged off Daimler before it built Routan for the public, perhaps Explain why we never saw the pop-up version of that van.

Perhaps the best we can expect about Yanks is that Mercedes and Westfalia are taking notes and plans to give us some of the same cool base seen and used on a dash.


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