Tesla sports car will be launched into space on February 6


Tesla and SpaceX chief executive Elon Musk announced in December that Falcon Heavy Rockets will be launched on Twitter. He also revealed that his cherry-red Tesla sports car will be used as a test flight payload. Just in case we do not trust him, he even posted a picture of a sports car on the base of the payload fairing. Now, the rocket will be launched on February 6, beginning a very long journey of spacecraft in space.

According to Musk, sports cars will be locked in orbit of Mars for 1 billion years and will play David Bowie’s “space miracle” as long as possible. Of course, this only happens when the car is not rising. Putting your own private jet into space is a weird choice, but Musk believes it would be “boring” to send payloads like concrete or steel blocks.
SpaceX said the new falcon gravity is the most powerful combat rocket in the world. It should be able to get in orbit above 119,000 pounds, or the equivalent of a 737 passenger plane carrying passengers, luggage and fuel. The rocket was built to keep humanity in space and is in line with the company’s goal of making one day be able to live on other planets.


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