Size: Mercedes AMG project Aston Martin VALKYRIE


We finally saw the long-awaited supercar at Mercedes-Benz 2017 at Mercedes-Benz. The specifications of the F1 model did not disappoint. But AMG is how to do Project One’s styling it? Take a look below and decide for yourself.

There were several comparisons between Project One and the CLK GTR, the last Mercedes-Benz limited-run car. You might think of Project One as the spiritual successor to the car, but because it took about 20 years to separate the two, we put it closer. At Aston Martin Victory, think of another, multi-million dollar supercar that’s limited to production, let’s take a look at how a project stacks up.
From the front, Project One may not think of all onlookers as beautiful but will hit them. The design team adopted the theme of the Mercedes-Benz design, such as AMG’s “A-wing” low curtains, but fortunately it left behind the Panamericana grille spread over AMG’s lineup. The air inlets are all-in-one, but Project One looks promising, especially since its nose is lower than the Valkyrie.

The cross-sectional view is where you can see the CLK GTR is most similar to the top-mounted spoon, which tapers back into a central fin. “Valkyrie” and “Project One” are very low profile, but the AMG body is smoother, there is no gap, so that Aston barely see the side. Both supercars have the smallest prominence, starting from the top of the fender. The look and feel of Project One is inspired by the AMG Vision Gran Turismo concept.
The rear may be the best view of Project One, with its slim taillights, large diffuser and oversized rear wings. Item 1 also has a very prominent buttocks, with a wide rear and hourglass shape viewed from the rear.
Both cars have minimalist interiors and racing-derived steering wheels. In some ways Project One’s seats flow right into the floor because they fit into the body’s hard shell structure. The AMG has two screens, one of them stacked in the center and the other directly in front of the steering wheel, acting as a dashboard. Valkyrie has Project One’s beats in the screen game, but on the central screen, one on the steering wheel and two monitors on each side of the dashboard as rear-view mirrors.

How do you think Project One is compared to Valkyrie? Does the Mercedes-Benz AMG move its ultra-high-performance supercar in the right direction?


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