Q8 SPORT about the future of Audi


Another auto show, another concept of Audi Q8. The first Q8 concept car was one of the stars of the Audi Detroit auto show, highlighting the dramatic changes in brand design. The Q8 Sport on display at the Geneva Motor Show deflated some of the first car’s auto glasses and previewed a brand new Audi powertrain.

Marc Lichte, Audi Design Director, said: “This is a production car.” This is 95% of production. This is the case when changing bumpers, adding doorknobs and rear-view mirrors. Lichte said the interior is also 90% that we will see when the Q8 2018 debuts.
Many of the Q8 languages ??appear in the all-new A8 sedan, with the first Audi all featuring the Lichte watch design and scheduled for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this year. Although VW’s MLB model architecture has in the past prompted Audi designers to use visual techniques to cover relatively short wheelbase, Lichte plans to celebrate it.

Lichte said Quattro is not a badge, but a ratio. He said: “We have a different ratio to all our competitors.” With the rear-wheel drive, everything is sitting on the rear wheels. We will emphasize all four wheels. So Lichte’s Audis will have a narrow body between the fenders, with equal weight bumps on the front and rear wheels. “That’s a quarter of a percentage,” he said. The execution of different models would have Different, but the basic theme is the same.
Lichte will also differentiate the A and Q models more clearly at the front end, with a six-sided single-frame grille on the road and an octagonal SUV. Similarly, the performance from different models to different models will be different, but the basic principle is the same.

The Q8 Sport concept car also previewed a brand new lightweight hybrid powertrain that will be shared with the upcoming A8. The powertrain includes an electric turbocharger – thanks to a 48 volt electrical system – a direct injection 3.0-liter V-6, the motor is mounted between eight-speed automatic transmissions. Audi said the entire system has an output of 469 hp and 516 lb-ft, enough for the Q8 Sport to reach 60 miles in less than 4.7 seconds and top speeds of 171 miles per hour.


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