Nissan will not cancel or redesign 370Z soon


Nissan 370Z has been introduced for a long time. We first tested the 350Z’s long-awaited successor in November 2008 and the 2009 370Z impressed us with its fast acceleration, strong brakes, excellent grip and updated interior. At a base price of $ 30,625, we say it is “a microcosm of sports car theft.” Nine years later, there was not any major update, and we are not impressed with it. However, it seems that Nissan plans to continue selling the current 370Z indefinitely, despite the expiry of the redesign.

Speaking to Automotive News, Philippe Klein, head of Nissan Motorcycle Planning, said Japanese automakers are rumored to be rumored to cancel their entry-level sports car. But when asked about the next generation Z, he did not have more encouraging news to share. Klein said: “We are studying the issue, the problem is now there, but I have no signs that will give it to you.

According to Klein, in the past few years, fewer and fewer commercial cases of sports car production, less and less development of new sports car, more and more difficult. “Z is a difficult market, shrinking around the world, but we still believe Z has a place where we want to keep it, and that’s exactly what we are working on,” he said.

But that does not mean that we will never see a new Z. It may just take a lot of patience. Kline said: “In the long run, there are other considerations.” If we make a complete new car, then maintain the vitality of passion? And we are taking the issue seriously – how do we keep Z alive and refreshing, what will the next generation be?


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