Lexus LS + Concept Preview the brand’s future in Tokyo


Lexus this week at the Tokyo Motor Show to demonstrate the concept of LS +, predicts the future of car manufacturers autonomous driving plan. Automation Technology Based on the company’s “Integrated Security Management Concepts,” Lexus aims to roll out its first autonomous application, the Urban Teammate, by 2025. This is part of Lexar’s goal of establishing a world without a traffic casualty.

LS + Concept is the future vision of the brand’s flagship sedan and features state-of-the-art technology and an innovative design based on Lexus L’s fine design concept. Large spindle grills have been developed with active grille shutters to improve aerodynamic performance. Some laser-illuminated headlights, rear combination tail lights and electronic side mirrors add futuristic appeal.

Lexus plans to enter the world of autonomous driving through the company’s Teammate suite of highway autopilot technology. Lexus claims the feature would be to be able to drive autonomously on the freeway from the “entrance ramp” to the “exit ramp” and be able to merge in and out of vehicles, change lanes, and keep the vehicle in the lane while keeping a safe distance In front of the car. Wireless updates will keep the system up to date, allowing newer and / or new features to be added. In addition, the software analyzes the data of roads and surrounding areas in order to maintain a high level of autonomous driving.
Lexus also revealed limited edition F sports car models for RC and GS to commemorate 10th anniversary of its F models. The limited edition RC F and GS F are equipped with performance dampers and lightweight titanium mufflers, CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) finishes and matt gray paint. Sports seats, steering wheels and shifters are all wrapped in Heat Blue leather and the other interior parts are hot blue. The limited edition RC F and GS F will be available in Japan only.


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